Cosplay Site Review

Review: July 14, 2011, by Bigbrownbeaver
Cosplay Site

On checking out this site, claims to be the largest site on the web for hot cosplay. The ladies here are into costumes and plenty of variety in partners. They have more sex toys than your average sex store! This is a big site, and has lots of HD action content for your entertainment and library collection.. The costumes are definitely a big part of this site and some of them will blow you away!


Overall rating7.8

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Once in the member area all the videos are listed on each page. It is a pain to have to use your username and password to see the excellent videos here. They stream without a problem. Downloading should be as good as the streaming, but I am not sure about downloading them. You may have to use the right click to download top your hard drive.

Image fans howsever are in bad luck because there are no photo galleries to be found. Other than that, it is a hot site, frequent updates keep it fresh and interesting. These hot Asian chicks have some pretty outrageous costumes they wear everything from a maid to various monsters and super hero schemes.

The one thing they all have in common is the excellent HD in their videos and all the very active content. In the costumes usually stay on for the effect of fantasy no matter what is going on like the schoolgirls lined up with their round asses sticking out for a sex game. That is one thing all the videos have in common is the amount of sex toys these girls get used on them as well as the ones they use on themselves.

Have you ever seen a lesbian clusterfuck? you will find it here! Nurses getting it on the hospital, one sexy nurse is on an examining table with her feet in the stirrups and her legs spread wide for some unusual toys in her pussy until she squirts in orgasm!
Now, that is a hot way to play doctor!

These girls hold nothing back when they are playing out their fantasies in costume and I think you will be amazed at some of the content here. Check out the hottie in the sailor suit for her hot content! How about the superhero who loses face and is captured for torture in the worst ways.

For unusual content and entertainment this is a site to see and download for your private library should you want to. You can spice up your sex life with the ideas you will see here and the toys used most can be bought in any adult store. Come check it out, The exclusive content will hold your attention!


In conclusion, this site is entertaining and exciting when you see the girls in their costumes acting out their fantasies and video taping them so you can see the unusual action content. Pricing is average and comparable to other sites. There is also a short trial you can take to check it out and see if this sexy site is what you are looking for. Check it out and render your own decision!

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