Crazy Mouth Meat Review

Review: November 19, 2012
Crazy Mouth Meat

Extreme blow jobs are a fave of mine, so I was really looking forward to taking a look at CrazyMouthMeat. The site is 100% blow jobs, self-described as having some rough blow job content, with gagging and all of that. As the teaser says, "...cock sucking sluts fucked so hard into their face that they are almost crying..." Now that's what I'm talking about, and yeah, this site mostly delivers on its promises.


Overall rating6.6

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I have to admit, gagging blowjobs, with spittle flying, and girls making that quacking/gagging sound as a cock stuffs in to their open maw...that is something I like, so I was hoping that Crazy Mouth Meat would be all of that, and then some. I wasn't disappointed, but also wasn't overjoyed either. What we have is solid blowjob content, with a mix of slightly rough BJs, all the way to full-on face-fucking.

The site has a pretty decent amount of content in the form of videos. They stream, and are also downloadable in WMV format, with a max resolution of 640x480. There are no pic sets, and no other content.

That is where this site's highlights are. The videos themselves are pretty damn good. As above, you get a nice cross-section of blow job content here. Girls are also varied; not all just your typical blonde bimbo porn sluts, but a mix of different types of girls. Most of the talent here is mid-popularity porn stars (Renee Pornero and Nicole Brazzle, for example). Basically, something here for every taste in women.

The content of is excellent. I wouldn't say what I found here was the most extreme blowjob action I've ever seen, but if you like blowjobs, and you like face-fucking, you'll find plenty here to be happy with. As a fan of the face-fuck, I was pretty satisfied with gullet-gashing here.

There are a few negatives, however; The videos are broken up into segments, both for downloading and for streaming. It looks like that as the site updates, it provides partial video segments. It would be better if the videos were just complete in each update. Also, the production quality is varied. It doesn't look like the content is exclusive or produced by the site. Whatever...the production values vary depending on the video.

Also, navigation is not fantastic. It's not hard to get around...the videos are presented in linear format. However, there are no search functions. You have to stumble through the site to find videos you like.

Amount of content: 303 videos
Update frequency: Every Saturday
Exclusive content: No/not sure
Max video resolution: 640x480
Video types: wmv
Available for mobile: No


Crazy MouthMeat is crazy, but not completely insane. You get what the site says...crazy blowjobs. A mix of slightly rough, scaling up to all-out throat-fucking. I found the girls hot, and varied in looks. I wasn't a fan of the way the videos are broken up...not good for its purpose when they stream. Also, a search function would be nice. However, the main focus here is the action, and it's good. With a slight upcharge, access to bonus sites is available. If throatjobs are your thing, it's definitely worth a look-see.

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