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Review: November 25, 2015

Girls from the former Soviet bloc are huge in porn these days, with all manner of incredible looking eastern European women flocking to the jizz biz. Czech Anal pays tribute to the Czech slice of these women by bending them over and taking them hard in the back side. These slavic sweeties can take a lot of cock in their second slit, and this site does an outstanding job of showing them in the act. I just wish there was more here!

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Overall rating6.8

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I really want to like Czech Anal Sex. It has several things going for it that I enjoy, and it should be an easy call. However, there's one major thing that makes me hesitate on whether to recommend it.

I'll come back to that, because what's here is definitely compelling. The site name is about as self-descriptive as you can get; this site showcases Czech chicks in anal sex scenes. So what, you say? There are tons of anal sex sites out there, right?

Well, not many have the quality that this one does. The girls that are shot here are young, tight, and pretty. They have an unspoiled look that you only seem to see in girls from eastern Europe. They are unenhanced, with no tattoos, piercings, or any other distractions that take away from their natural beauty. Unspoiled and oh so attractive. They're all in their late teens and early 20s and are a super appealing drawing card.

The action is equally hot. These girls take it in the kiester like they were born for it, with enthusiasm and elan unmatched by most other anal sites. Sure, there's some oral and vaginal mixed in, but the derriere is the focus here, and it's a fantastic homage.

Scenes are shot in high def and production values are outstanding. Whoever does the camera work here is a real master, as the angles always seem to capture the action in just the perfect way.

The site itself is easy to use. All content is available on the front page, with both streaming and download options. It doesn't get any simpler than this, to be honest.

So what's the problem? Well, as of this review, there are only 8 videos on the site. I'm guessing the site recently launched, but that's a paltry amount. There are also no date stamps on updates, so you can't tell how often new content comes.

On the plus side, there are bonus sites, so that helps make up for lack of content.

Amount of content: 8 videos
Update frequency: Information unavailable
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: Information unavailable
Video types: Flash
Available for mobile: Yes

Conclusion showcases some of the Czech Republic's hottest women, and they really love taking huge cocks up their tight little butts. That action is the main show here, and it's really done well. I liked what I saw here a lot, but I wanted more, and the lack of content was a disappointment. The bonus sites made up for a lot, so I'm willing to forgive the paucity a little. That said, beware that if you're here solely for anal, there's not much. I'd wait for more before diving in.

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