Damsels In Peril Review

Review: May 19, 2006, by Sheyla
Damsels In Peril

A damsel in distress calls out for help, you get on your horse, save the day and she sucks your cock. Well, something like that, I forgot where I read that. Damsel in Peril plays out some very imaginative plots to tie up unsuspecting hotties leaving their asses, breasts and sometimes even their beavers out to brave the storm. Different, yet in an effort not to insult any connoisseurs, lets see if they live up to it.


Overall rating8

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I guess it would be nice to be rescued after being hog-tied. The role-playing part of being tied up might even be fun. This is where Damsels in Peril plays out to that hidden fetish without having to go hard-core. Damsels in Distress comes up with a variety of scenarios with some equally entertaining titles: The Evil Blonde, Model Surprise, The Gloved Lady (I bet that one is fun). They play out the scene which always ends with the girl being tied up and unable to move.

As you enter the site, you immediately get the spoiler: This is fantasy and it's all an act. Really? No Way... The navigation tabs are at the top of the page and of course here is where you can peruse the pics, videos, what's new and you even get to put in a request in the "stories and ideas" part of the forums.

The movies area is one looong page with all the videos currently available in chronological order. They come in one option MPG and most are between 60k and 140k. All of the videos are pretty short, 5 to 10 minutes as compared to other sites. The thing to remember here is the fact that this is a)softcore content b)they actually require some acting skills and finally c)the end result is basically the same, naked or semi-naked woman tied up. The quality of the video is actually pretty good, no complaints there. Could they be longer? Yes.

The pics are available in JPEG like the movies, they are also listed in chronological order. Pretty basic stuff here as far as viewing the pics, they give you a small description of the action and send you on your way to surfing via thumbs. The last 6 months or so of pics are available to download in a zip file, before that, you have to go around it the hard way for now.

As far as extras go, the site offers a members forum to rant, rave and get to be pen pals with like minded people. There is an Out Takes page but as of this review, it was unavailable with the promise of a speedy return. That's about it for extras.


Nice site with an interesting twist. If you are a fan of the world of bondage or maybe even curious about it, this is a good site to start with. Original and exclusive content is always welcome. Softcore is the name of the game throughout the site so keep this in mind. In my opinion, this site has potential to be a great site but with few extras the price tag is a bit high for my likes.

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