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Review: December 1, 2010, by Jennifer

Desirae's World is an website that features a sexy chick with some amazing titties! Not only can you see sexy little Desirae inside showing off her big melons, but you can see her getting fucked in some explicit hardcore scenes. Imagine having your own cock engulfed by those huge breasts! Plenty of scenes like hardcore titty fucking, tits bouncing up and down, and cum on tits with Desirae and her crazy sex life inside.

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So I managed to get logged in to and saw that she has very simple interface and navigation for her site. She welcomes the members on her main page and talks about several porn videos that she's starred in along with her sexy busty girlfriends. Then there is a very simple menu bar that has photos, videos, a biography for Desirae, and a DVD store. I've got to say that there really isn't much to this site. It's got very little content and the bonuses they offer are all upsells; nothing free.

Inside of her video clips archive there are only five movies altogether. She's got one shot on location in Key Largo and another one is behind the scenes footage. And then the other three are simple hardcore movies. While they do show Desire in some super sexy hardcore action, there really just isn't enough of her to justify a monthly membership. The movies they do have are offered in both MOV and MPEG clips and they have different connection speeds for your computer.

There are much more photos than there are videos, they have nearly 50 different sets of pics. And while they have current dates on them, judging by the hairstyles and fashions going on in the photos, they seem to be at least 10-15 years old, which is not necessarily a bad thing but a lot of people prefer current pics. She's got photos in four different resolutions, but none of them are downloadable. You can save them to your hard drive one at a time, but there is no zip file to download the whole set. The interesting thing about the photos is that there is a little behind the scenes description of what was going on during each photo shoot.

As I previously mentioned, there is really nothing else of worthy mention inside of the site. They do have a DVD store so that you can purchase some hot big titty movies to watch on your TV, but there is nothing else free to see except a pretty extended biography of Desirae and her vital stats.


DesiraesWorld definitely has some ultra hot busty pics and videos of the beautiful babe, there is just not enough. There are plenty of photo galleries but in this world of viral videos on the internet, there are only 5 scenes inside. The photos and videos also seem pretty outdated even though they have current release dates. They seem to be about 10-15 years old judging from the hair and fashions. If they had more frequent updates with Desirae from today, the site would be very worth a monthly membership for sure!

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