Devils Films Parodies Review

Review: May 23, 2011, by Steve

Devil's Film Parodies isn't just another hardcore porn site - it's a porn site that wants you to have a laugh too! Come and check out a collection of some of the very best TV and movie porn parodies that you will ever see as some of the top porn stars in the industry assume some of the most famous roles around. But they end up getting up to stuff that would have Hollywood heads spinning!

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Overall rating7.2

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There are currently 12 full length DVD titles on board at the moment (50 video scenes in total), but it's unclear how often they are likely to add new titles here. The user interface here is okay but nothing special on the whole. The index of the DVDs on the site is pretty decent but perhaps the most useful feature was the full list of all the performers that feature in these titles. As yet, there is no update information to write home about, and hopefully this is something that they will improve. On a good note though, it is very easy to access each of the many bonus sites here.

All of the videos here are all available in low and high quality .WMV downloads and in low, high and HD quality Flash streams. The HD streams are not actually high definition but still play at a very reasonable 960x540px. The best quality downloads play at 720x400px. There is a set of photos with each video here but there are no ZIP download options on any of them. The photos are largely pretty decent in terms of size, often clocking in at 1080x1626px.

One of the titles featured on is This Isn't Twilight. Now that's a title that I like before even seeing the porn! Mind you, it takes a porn parody to make that awful film and series in the slightest bit interesting! The selection of titles they've chosen to ape are much what you would expect, very recent and popular TV shows and movies like Mad Men, Big Love and The Biggest Loser. But, erm, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?! Not exactly one of the first films you would expect a recent porn parody of!

They have done a great job with them, regardless of any question marks I might raise about one or two of the titles (Fast Times At Ridgemont High is another odd choice!). The action is excellent and they do sometimes do a remarkable job of keeping close to plot points, lines and characterisation. Ultimately though this is all about the porn and the stars, and both are excellent. If Jenna Haze really was in the Twilight series, I might be more forgiving towards it!


Devils Film is certainly doing a very good job and is producing some of the very best porn parodies around. The quality of the porn is quite excellent on the whole and the accuracy of the parodies is also of a far higher standard than you might have reasonably asked of a porn film. The oodles of extra bonus sites should help you out if they don't really deliver as many updates as you would like.

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