Dirty Home Vids Review

Review: September 6, 2007, by Gabrio
Dirty Home Vids

Naughty amateurs getting caught on camera, that is what is going on in the members area of DirtyHomeVids.com dear guys! Check out for yourself the sexy hotties that are on the main page of the tour, they are super slutty, isn't that great?? Yah guys it is.....most of the scenes have been shot outdoors, at least from what I can see on the tour pages, imagine if some farmer would be walking there, he will see the nice 'scenes' hehe!


Overall rating7.3

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I was about to start doing my review of the members area of Dirty Home Vids.com - a part from the fact that it's very late tonight and I do not like to get pissed off @ this hour, but that's another story - and the login button you find on the main page of the tour takes you to a page which does not go anywhere and I was like "don't they check things?" but then I got an idea and I wrote members.dirtyhomevids.tv in the url bar and voilĂ , the members area login was there, so keep that in mind when you need to login to the members area of this site.

After this small 'problem', the main page appeared within a few moments, really fast, gotta admit that....at the left of the screen you will see the main areas filled with content which are: Main, Exclusive Sites, Bonus Video Feeds, Bonus Photo Feeds, Bonus Games, Sex Shop and Help. Then at the right of the page you have the Recently Added Videos, there are 3 thumbnails which stand for the recent updates that they have done (you can only preview them) and then you have the listing of the main scenes, available in full this time.

For each of these home sluts, you have a photo at the left of the page and then you find the links that take you to the Videos and Photos and everything is very clean in my opinion, very nice. Sometimes group things can be really sexy and in fact I decided to check out the scene featured by Zoya and Dimka so I was thinking to find a threesome but instead in the main page which opens there is just a hardcore scene with one brunette, well I was there so I checked out, not a big loss, a hot brunette should never be forgotten hehe...

The videos are available in low and high windows media format and eventually also for download; the high quality video streams open in an embedded window and this chick really looks hot, even when she gets fucked doggy style, very sexy, what a nice pussy she has! It's easy to check the photo galleries since they are linked directly from the movie pages.


Doing Dirty Home Vids is not that difficult in the end, you only need a decent camera, a hot chick and a steady hand as well....the girls you find in the members area of this site look good, I found some real hotties on page 2 of this site and in the end the content looks amateurish, like they are the videos you and your girl friend could do (or maybe have already done) in your spare time, getting an idea of having your website up? eh eh

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