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Review: January 28, 2015, by Steve

Domina HD is a site that advertises itself as the internet's largest tube site dedicated to female domination and femdom porn. In fact, it probably has a legitimate claim to be the largest collection of femdom videos that you will find anywhere, no matter what kind of site it happens to be! These strong women expect discipline and if they don't get it, they're going to make sure someone is punished as a result!

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Overall rating7.2

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The user interface on this site was a messy although the size of the collection that they are dealing with here is, admittedly, not all that easy to get under control! They have tried to categorise it into 'channels' but there's a lot of crossover between them and the categories are very broad indeed. But I do think that you should be able to get used to it quite quickly and to be able to track down the specific kind of action you are looking for. The update information was non-existent.

There are no photo or image sets on this site as all of the content is video only. All of these videos were available for streaming only from what I could see but the streaming videos played very smoothly - although this could be sometimes to do with the brief length of some of the videos here.

The tube site used to be a dirty subject when it came to porn and now legitimate porn companies are setting them up and running great examples such as! I've no idea where they got the 'HD' part of their title though because this patently is not an HD site and if there are any high definition videos on this site then I did not see them. It's also disappointing that I couldn't find any downloads, unless I'm being stupid!

I wouldn't expect HD from a site such as this that relies on mostly amateur and submitted content anyway, so I don't really regard that as a downside. There are a lot of videos here that only vaguely fit the 'femdom' title it is given as well but there is so much here, and as such there is so much femdom content as well. Plus, there are some great videos for you to find as well.

Amount of content: 800+ videos; no photo sets
Update frequency: No information on site - site claims "1 update per week/month"
Exclusive content: No
Max video resolution: 640x480px)
Video types: Flash (stream only)
Photo resolution: Not applicable
Available for mobile: No


Domina is a site that certainly doesn't get everything right and you need to turn away right now if you came here mostly for HD action as there really isn't any here at all. Yet at the same time their large selection of femdom videos turn up some regular absolutely excellent offerings, meaning that you do get a a little more for your money than you might have expected beforehand.

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