Drawn Sex Review

Review: May 28, 2008, by Gabrio
Drawn Sex

It seems that it's a good day for cartoon porn today in fact not only this is the second site I have on my list but on the main page of this one Drawn Sex.com they have some of my favorite characters, that are the Griffin!!! And guess what? You have Meg that is getting fucked by Chris eh eh, if you know what I am speaking about this sounds fun, now I am asking myself where are Peter and Brian!! Lets see inside.


Overall rating6.5

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One thing that I have noticed right away about Drawn Sex.com is the fact that the membership of this website is kinda pricey in fact the regular 30 days price is $39.95 which is a big high and needs to be justified in my opinion. In order to enter the main page of the members area you only have to click Members that is located at the top of the page in particular on the right side of the page, so I really want to see Meg in action eheh!!

The main page of the website loaded within a few moments and this is what we have there, at the top: Home, Pictures, Animations, Updates, Chat, Bonus, Faq and Search. I clicked Animations first off and on that page you have a list of sets available, each one takes you to a page where you have a streaming animation in flash and you have these clips that are quite funny to see, I have to say that. For some reason when I first clicked on those screen shot, it took q few moments before showing me the contents of the website, but then I clicked there a second time and it worked fine, hopefully.

Speaking about these animations, on each page you have 10 different sets...then I moved onto the pictures page and on that one you have the list of the available cartoons and I have to say that I really had a blast when I found the one with Meg and Chris having sex together hehe, but I could never find Brian though. For the sets that are available there, on the main pages there are 30 sets and in total you have more than 18 pages so in the end there is really lots of content available, too bad that the photo galleries do not have the .zip download option available.

A nice thing this site has is that for each set you can leave a message and a comment so let's say that you liked or did not like a set, then you can write something there. There is the chat eventually where you can post your requests or whatever else.


This website Drawn Sex.com looks quite good and it's easy to browse the members area, I would have expected to find the .zip download option as well and then you also have a chat where you can post you requests and then maybe they will add them in the future, you never know. The Animations look quite good and in my opinion that is by fat the best section this site has.

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