Dream Dolls Review

Review: November 15, 2017, by Marilyn
Dream Dolls

Tim Jahns has got a special eye for the ladies and he's had the honor of photographing a whole slew of them since 2000. You can check them out in their naked glory on Dream Dolls. It's a softcore porn site that features your favorite pornstars and some unknowns taking it all off for the camera. The site consists of mostly pictures with a handful of videos sprinkled in and there's no monthly fee but rather each picture set is purchased individually.


Overall rating8.1

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If you're used to a traditional porn site, Dream-Dolls will throw you for a loop because its traditional in some ways but also very non traditional in other ways. For starters, don't go looking for a regular sign up page thinking you're going to pay a monthly fee because there is no such thing. Instead, browse through the sets, find one you fancy and then click the join button underneath it and purchase it. There are credits associated with most purchases, just so you know.

Another thing you need to know is you can purchase as many sets as you want and this is important because this site is stacked with over 980 photo sets and once you start browsing through each and everyone of them and seeing how hot the chicks are, you're going to want to own them all. Trust me. A quick way to check out the pictures is by using the model directory on your left hand side in the members area. Click on any name and viola, you'll be transported to that particular doll's page where you can check out all her sets.

May I suggest you start with Jill Madison, the bubbly blonde with humongous tits and incredibly sexy dick sucking lips. She's a living, talking, breathing human version of a Barbie doll and her pictures are quite fascinating. If you prefer brunettes, then you definitely want to check out the lovely Lisa Daniels' page for her super steamy pictures.

The quality of all the pictures is really good. The newer sets seem to be of better quality than the older sets but all of them are a ton of fun to scroll through because they show case the models' assets in such a mesmerizing way that you won't be able to stop yourself from gravitating toward them.

There are no extra perks offered here but you have access to a ton of pictures and a few videos so you won't even miss those.

Amount of content: 9 videos and 980 photo sets
Update frequency: n/a
Exclusive content: No
Max video resolution: n/a
Video types: n/a
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: Yes


Dream-Dolls is a very interesting site if you appreciate naked ladies and really good photography. I love that it doesn't have a recurring membership and you can just pay for what you want but I also wish it had more videos. The site also needs to re-organized to really generate enthusiasm because as it is right now, it's just a tad too bland. Still though, if all you want to do is look at hot nude women, this is the place to be.

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