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Review: July 13, 2007, by Gabrio

This is not your average porn site in fact here you are going to find girls getting chained, bound, gagged, caged, stripped, touched, spanked and....just see for yourself the tour in order to get an idea of what we can find inside the members area of this site. Their models list is quite good and I guess that in order to know more we only need to login to the members area of DungeonVirgins!!

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Overall rating7.8

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You can spot the link for entering the members area of the site right from the main page of Dungeon Virgins where it reads "Members Only" and within a few moments you will be inside and ready for checking out the hot contents! The main page of the site looks quite simple, at the top of the page you have the main links for moving around and then you have the full list of the available girls, I can see that they like white clothes most of all.

When I checked out one of the girls, clicking directly from the main page, I was asked for my username and password a second time for some reason - not sure why that happened actually - anyway, at the top of the page we have: Video Virgins, Leather & Lace Virgins, Friends, Spanking Virgins, Custom Videos, Fetish Virgins, The Virgins Revenge, Hardcore Virgins, Bound & Tied Virgins, Ipod Clips, Software Downloads and Store.

So from what you can understand, they have quite a good quantity of stuff available, the site is a bit simple maybe but in the end, quality is always what matters. I downloaded some clips from the members area first of all and I have noticed that they are in .avi format (which means that you need to fully download them before watching them) and their speed is pretty good overall, in fact I had around 330-350 k/sec that is pretty nice.

In the Leather sets there are some good fetish galleries, chicks wearing black latex, boots and stuff like that....very high heels, all that. There was also a section Custom Videos where they suggest members to send their own requests for upcoming videos and that's nice if you ask me. The photos have a nice quality in my opinion and they should also add the .zip download option since it's a must nowadays, eventually you have also a few hardcore videos. As a bonus thing, you can also buy the DVDs with the contents of the site, you are going to find all their virgins there! In my opinion their best content is in the Leather & Lace Photosets.


This site DungeonVirgins.com has exclusive content and that it's the most important thing about it in my opinion - despite the fact that the design of the site is very simple and that the videos are .avi, I think that it's a good site and fetish lovers will really enjot it. Plus you can even submit them your custom requests and see them realized for you, and that's really nice if you ask me! (Zip sets are only for the newest sets).

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