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Review: January 30, 2009, by Steve

El-DVD is a site that they call an 'online download shop'. They offer up downloads of hundreds and hundreds porn and adult DVDs that ensure you'll never have to go to a sex shop for a dirty movie ever again! They add new titles every single day, and they feature titles that cover more niches and genres of porn that you could possibly imagine, taken from a fantastic array of different studios from the mainstream to the underground independents.

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Overall rating7.3

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El-DVD.com doesn't really have a free tour to speak of. You can browse through pretty much all of the titles that the site has to offer without having to buy a subscription or having to login but, obviously, you can't watch anything without doing so!

So, really, the members' area is pretty much the same as the tour area so at least you can get an immediate and full look at everything that the site has to offer, which I think is extremely helpful to say the least. You can browse all of the studios and the different genres that El-DVD.com has to offer as well.

I can't say that the general browsing and organisation of the site was altogether brilliant though. The plus sides were that the movies were divided well into categories and are usually quite quick in downloading. It's also encouraging that you could download the movies and keep them, with no DRM restrictions to the site.

However, with a lack of information about each video aside from which niche it happens to be in (you don't get any information about the performers either unless you can see them on the box cover pictures!), you don't get much to go on. I like to know exactly what's going to happen in a film before I download it. Plus, with an absence of hi-def versions that I could see, you are left mostly with .MPG 352x288px versions only.

Navigation certainly isn't the strong point of this site at all, especially so when factoring in the lack of info about when new DVDs are added precisely, although it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure they're added daily. But the quality of the movies here certainly is. Instead of going for the usual titles from the big studios that you see on loads of other video sites, they go for lots of studios and labels I've rarely seen online. The Historic Erotica collection is especially a rare thing to see online, featuring Bettie Page titles that are genuine rarities.

But the price is perhaps the biggest stumbling block. It works out around $50 per months on the current exchange, and that really is a lot to be asking in these challenging financial times.


El DVD.com does offer an exceptionally strong and occasionally unusual batch of videos, there's no doubting that. I was genuinely delighted about some of the stuff that I saw on the site. But for the amount of money you're asked to pay, even 3800+ movies doesn't seem like the best deal in the world especially with the navigation being so disappointing. It does offer something different from the crowd though.

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