Escort Trick Review

Review: January 28, 2010, by Steve
Escort Trick

Escort Trick is a site that sets up a sexual rendezvous with some sexy escorts, fucks them....and then runs off without paying them! These girls really have no idea what is going to happen to them and they think they are going to earn even more money for this date because it is being filmed. Little do they know that they won't be getting their $500 - in fact, they are not even going to make 50c out of this!


Overall rating6.5

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So far, this site has tricked 18 escorts into a fucking for nothing, and they add a new one every week as well! This being another Pimp Roll / Adult Elite presentation, the presentation of the members' area is excellent and follows on from a very welcoming free tour. Even though the main content is really well presented here, with links to the other content of the performers on this site, I actually mostly liked the way they presented the bonus content. They prioritise content in the network that is similar to this site, and it is very easy to find specific others genres of content that you might be interested in.

The video options here are as good as always although if you want to watch or download smaller file videos then you will be disappointed. That said, download speeds were pretty good even on the highest resolution videos that play at 720x540px. These are provided by .WMV format videos but there are also lower quality .WMV versions as well as iPod/PSP and H.264 format versions. There are also Flash streaming versions available too. Most videos come with image galleries but these are not available to be downloaded to a .ZIP file, and image sizes varied throughout.

I'm pretty sure that a network that is partly called Pimp Roll should be showing more respect to 'working girls' out there and actually paying them for their work! They ought to be ashamed of themselves! Of course, the ladies of aren't real escorts (or at least they aren't when employed by this site!) but this reality hardcore site still has a hell of a lot of fun, especially at the end of their videos where much comedy can often be had.

The thing is though that the profanity laden conclusions to these episodes are often so funny and entertaining that they often overshadow the hardcore action! That's not supposed to be the right way round! Still, appearances by Mia Starr and the delicious Bianca Pureheart mean that the hardcore content is never likely to be of a low quality at any point. It's good to see a porn site that gives you a good chuckle though!


Escort may not even really try and convince you that much that it is a proper reality site, but it is still great fun. The comedy lined hardcore scenes are always entertaining and also manage to unearth some very sexy porn actresses as well. If you are worried about this site being too small at the moment then you should rest assured that the bonus content here is ridiculously massive in size.

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