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Review: August 7, 2014, by Steve

Ether Nudes a website from nude and erotic photographer Olivier De Rycke that features exclusive galleries shot by him only for this site. He offers up a collection that concentrates on making beautiful models look even more beautiful than they ever have, with stunning and inventive uses of locations. These are used to help bring the best out of his muses, and the site updates regularly with his latest high quality shoot.

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Overall rating8.5

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On a site like this I wouldn't expect a huge amount of options and you certainly don't get many. That said, you do get more than enough from the site. The model indexes are extremely good but there wasn't any information regarding an update schedule that I could find here, so this hasn't changed. In fact, I felt that there still could have been more information provided about the models and their shoots as there still isn't all that much on this front either. The layout complimented the content very well though, I thought, and I wouldn't imagine anyone will have any problems with the navigation on this site.

The galleries on the site are all available for ZIP file download depending on the selections you want to keep. The photos here are of a very high quality in general, sized up to 3000x2000px at their very best although a smaller option is available if you need it.

I can hardly believe it's been nearly 4 years since I first saw Back then what I got was a pretty small but promising new site that was distinguished by its extremely high quality photo sets. Fast forward four years and, to be quite honest, it still feels like a promising site rather than one that has grasped the nettle and gone on to become a great site.

The site's aim of being small but perfectly formed by concentrating on quality rather than quantity is an admirable one though, and an honest ones, especially when they are good enough to make access to the site so low priced. One certainly could not really complain about the quality here either - this really is absolutely top quality erotic photography, with some really quite amazingly hot models made to look even sexier than they already were. In that regard, mission accomplished.

Amount of content: 164 photo sets; no videos on this site
Update frequency: 1 photo set per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: Not applicable
Video types: Not applicable
Photo resolution: 3000x2000px
Available for mobile: No


Ether continues to plough a very impressive furrow as a low price alternative to the European nude art photography sites. I think it works really well as such as they don't seem to update a huge amount but at only under $5 per month it really is an absolute bargain and one of those sites that you will might as well join. You could pay for it with some spare change!

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