Everything Butt Review

Review: September 7, 2009, by Steve
Everything Butt

Everything Butt is a BDSM and fetish site that concentrates completely on things relating to butts! Brought to you by arguably the greatest producer of fetish and BDSM content in the world, namely Kink, this puts asses through feats of pain and endurance that will leave you squirming in your site. Amongst the delights you'll find on the site are water enemas, object insertion, anal fisting, asshole torture and
much more besides!


Overall rating6.5

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EverythingButt is one of the newest sites in this network, with a total of 17 episodes available on it only. However, the site is currently updating twice every week, so it's growing very nicely indeed. There is no free tour really as the same indexes and layout are used in the members' area, but what this does is give you the chance to look at every video on the site as a preview and indeed see trailers for all of them as well. Although nothing special, the navigation on the site worked very well indeed.

You'll find that most of the episodes on the site have a tremendous array of viewing options on them. If you need high definition downloads then you can find these in .WMV formats if you so wish. From what I saw, the streamed versions weren't as high quality but were still impressive in the three different Flash versions that you get here. These options are all in full file versions but there are clips also available to download as well. But there were plenty of other options here as well for you to enjoy, meanwhile the photo galleries can also be downloaded in a .ZIP file too.

As is typical and expected of this network, they have taken anal and ass action and made it into something a whole lot more original and sometimes a whole lot more painful too! This isn't just an 'anal sex' site - this is something that is a whole lot more complicated than that. In almost every video there is something different happening. These girls have their asses assaulted by anything and everything that the makers of EverythingButt.com can get their hands on!

There is quite a lot of 'normal' anal sex going on here administered by huge name male stars like Randy Stone no less, but in amongst that there are prolonged scenes of water enemas, fucking machines, bizarre object insertion and even self-administered anal fisting. One of the strongest points of the site was undoubtedly its unpredictability, but the quality of the performances are fantastic. It also helps that the sets are so great too, adding great atmosphere to everything here.


Everything Butt.com really can't fail to go on and become another site that has to be invested in by Kink. It would be an investment of some risk at the moment as it is a small collection of videos. But with content this classy in every facet from the camerawork to the production to the performances, the risk would be very small indeed. I'd predict within a year that this could be the best anal fetish site around.

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