Evolved Fights Review

Review: December 18, 2018, by Steve
Evolved Fights

If you are tired of the PG-rated sports entertainment served up by the WWE, you might be ready for Evolved Fights! These mixed gender bouts don't have any titles on the line, but the winner does get to fuck the loser however he or she likes! They are all properly refereed and also feature instructional and training segments as well as interviews with the winners and losers at the end of each video.


Overall rating7.2

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The navigation here was all fine and good, and I had no issues on this front. The design of the site was relatively unexciting but I doubt this will be much of an issue for many people. The indexes were well organised and the update information was also good. I was most interested in the level of info about this site, its content and its plans for the future. It gave it a transparency and interactivity that I really appreciated.

All of the videos can be downloaded and streamed on this site, up to 1080px HD quality. The download speeds were very good indeed although I thought the streaming was slightly choppy. I had a few bits of buffering and I'm on a very fast internet connection, so worth bearing in mind. The photo sets here are packaged with ZIP download files, however the vidcap sets are not.

There have been a few wrestling themed porn sites in the past, but EvolvedFights.com is the first one I've seen where the performers actually seem as though they're properly wrestling. It is a strictly hold-based style, this isn't MMA - there are no strikes or anything like that here. But all the bouts here seemed like genuine contests. You can't say that about WWE!

Of course, they all ultimately give way to some hardcore fucking (and some pretty hot fucking, at that) but even those segments are interesting. For some reason, they are mostly creampie scenes, plus you get the intrigue of occasional training videos and interviews with the participants. I have to say this site really surprised me and surpassed what I was expecting of it.

Amount of content: 21 videos and 2 photo sets
Update frequency: Precise schedule unknown - frequent updates probable
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1065x1600px
Available for mobile: Yes

NOTE - This site has a pre-checked cross sales box on its join page. Please make sure this is unchecked when you join or you may incur extra charges, unless you wish to accept their offer.


I could well understand anybody baulking at subscribing to Evolved Fights.com at this stage because of the small amount of content on board. However, this is a brand new site and I think there is huge potential for this site to become something pretty special. I really liked the videos here as a fan of both wrestling and porn as they pushed both buttons really effectively. At the absolute least I'd say you should keep a close watch on this site if you're not ready to take the plunge just yet.

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