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Review: May 4, 2012, by Steve
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Ex GF is a site that gives you a huge selection of sexy amateur girlfriends who were happy enough to go ahead and let their boyfriends film them having sex with them and getting nude - until they dumped them! But now the boyfriends want to have their revenge and this is where they come to do it, dumping their videos and galleries of these compromised cuties for the whole internet to enjoy watching!


Overall rating7.3

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ExGF.com currently contains 129 videos and 48 photo galleries, with updates being made once or twice a week when it comes to the videos. Galleries seem to be added much less frequently. There were some very good aspects to the way this site navigated and was presented, with lots of technical information and some sort of attempt to make this a kind of social network site as well. But on the whole it was pretty confusing and far too easy to end up drifting off into the content from the eight other sites in this network. It really did border on giving me a headache at times, plus the large amount of ads hardly helped as well.

The photo sets on this site were very well presented, even though the sizes of the photos did vary somewhat, as you might expect. They all come with ZIP download options and there are also enough options for you to enjoy when it comes to slideshows and the suchlike. There were good options on the videos as well, with Flash streaming versions accompanied by .WMV and .MP4 downloads. The best quality videos on this site seemed to play at 640x480px, but the sizes would vary from time to time. Download speeds were absolutely excellent, there were no DRM restrictions, and the streaming was very smooth and free of buffering as well.

These kinds of sites have been in the news in the last couple of weeks or so, but really this is a very tame example of the genre. Despite the free tour stating otherwise, no videos have been stolen from social networking sites for use here. Instead, you get the usual and expected batch of user submitted amateur videos and galleries, fully consented to by the 'GFs' themselves. In fact, a lot of the time it is the girls sending them in. In all probability, quite a lot of this content has done the rounds before but there is typically some good stuff mixed with some not so good stuff and some very cute new amateurs to seek out as well. Pretty much standard for its type.


There is really nothing at all sinister about Ex GF.com, and it is instead much like most other user submitted 'GF' content sites out there. It probably needs to be updating slightly more often given its nature, but when as accompanied as it is by several similar very good sites, it perhaps does not matter. Well worth checking out if you like this kind of site, and pretty good value overall.

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