Extreme Ty Review

Review: May 17, 2011, by diegocarbon
Extreme Ty

Sometimes you are just in the mood for some strange, ExtremeTy.com gets strange indeed in a good way. This girl is one insatiable slut who will never be satisfied and likes it that way. There is no taboo or off limits for this Florida girl. Get ready to be impressed with her sexual appetite and skill to take on any toy and any amount of guys and/or girls. Ty is taking on all cummer's fill her literally to the brim. So, saddle up tight because Ty is Extreme and she bucks and fucks better than the rest.


Overall rating8

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The Extreme Network of sites that Extreme Ty.com is a part of was built with usability in mind. The design is simple and intuitive in the way you can get around. The top navigation has all you need to find content throughout the entire network, simple drop down menu's to jump from site to site and a very usable search engine that actually helps you find what you are looking for. Viewing videos gets a little clunky but is not hard to figure out how to make it sing.

This content is outrageously devilish in more ways than one and I for one like it. Be forewarned though you must have a strong stomach as things get pretty wild and sticky. It is amazing just how big of a toy and objects this girl is able to jam up her tight little blonde body. On top of that she takes on huge groups of men for hours of fucking and will stay till every last person is satisfied sometimes more than once and usually ending in a sticky cum soaked pussy.

Scenes are filmed in an amateur/semi-pro manner. No fancy lights or sets but the camera work is solid and the lighting is overly dark as you can't see anything. No stories to follow just straight up amateur extreme sex all over the U.S. If you enjoy no frills pornography and like getting right to the good stuff, then Ty will not disappoint. The camera man knows exactly where to be to get just the right angles and stays long enough for a viewer’s satisfaction.

All the footage is shot with a standard definition camera and the largest resolution to be found is 640x480; some of which is shot in widescreen; and is served up at 2000kbps. Each video give you every option available to watch on any device needed. Streaming is done through a flash player at full length or a theatre in 1 minute clips for quick access. Download files are available as wmv or quicktime format and a version formatted specifically for use on a mobile device. Along with each scene you will find both a separate still photo shoot and screen grabs, all available as a thumbnail gallery and zip-file download. These can be found at a resolution of 1225x816.


Extreme Ty.com is very impressive to say the least. Her sexual skills are like none that I have ever seen. She is attached to a network with other highly oversexed sexual dynamo's along with her membership. This website is easy to navigate, highly searchable, has unique exclusive content and is just plain weirdly erotic. If you need extreme sex in your life you would be hard pressed to find a network that has as much quality content to serve up as these groups of sites have. Get a membership you won’t be disappointed if you did.

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