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Review: June 28, 2010

F-F-Fight.com is a paysite that sounds like it stutters but if I were you, I wouldn't make fun of the girls featured on this site. These girls are expert cat fighters and are more than ready to brawl it out with apparently any hot girl that comes their way. If you want to see hot chicks fighting in lingerie or totally naked, they have plenty of pictures and video inside the members area just for you.

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Overall rating7.3

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F F Fight.com is pretty unusual and, to be honest, a first for me. I have long heard about cat fighting and its potential hotness but never have I to experience it online. Granted, I did see girls at school get into some pretty good fights but they were a lot scarier and not as sexy as these girls make it on this site.

If the girls I saw fight at school looked like these girls, then maybe I'd have been more into it back then instead of just plain staying clear of the mayhem. Of course, the fact these fighters are in lingerie and sometimes totally naked, may have tremendously made the whole scene 500 times hotter.

To see if this is your cup of tea, check out the free tour to check these fighters out for yourself. From here you can check out some pics, see the girls and even download a trailer that will give you a perfect look into cat fighting. With 96 girls so far, you're bound to find plenty of babes that will turn you on.

These girls are mostly hotties from Europe and you may notice that you have to pay in euros. Just add 5 bucks or so American for every 25 euros or use a currency calculator to figure out the conversion. There are plenty of picture galleries to see inside. I counted 207 galleries with around 80-90 picture per gallery. Images run around the 959x1442 range and zip files are available for quick whole gallery downloads.

Videos are very interesting. Fighting tends to turn in to some hot lesbian licking, touching, and the like here. Movies can be streamed in Windows Media Player or downloaded for keeps in wmv format. Videos look pretty good at 960x540 with a bitrate of around 4066 or so. Videos are a little on the short side, however, running around 5 minutes or so but are fun to watch generally.

There aren't any real bonuses to be had here so you have to be happy with what you get here. There is an online forum which is pretty active and they do take plenty of requests so fire away your favourite potential future fights.


FFFights is unusual and should get points for that. The girls are all pretty hot and the content here is pretty unique. The images look good and are done well. The videos are a little on the short side of things which is a little sad, however. With 207 galleries and 210 videos, there is plenty of content to watch and enjoy. You may get tired of the same room setting but you cat fight lovers might really get into this site.

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