Fat and Flabby Review

Review: April 29, 2015
Fat and Flabby

Fat and Flabby.com is pretty self descriptive. The title says it all here; this site is all about girls who are, well, fat and flabby. If extremely obese women, with lots of flab; if watching them getting down and dirty in hot XXX action is your kink, get ready for a little bit of fun. I do mean a little bit. This site has it's positives, but there are downsides as well.


Overall rating4.8

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Narrow fetish sites can be hit or miss, and sometimes they lie somewhere in between. I'm not quite sure where Fat And Flabby lies in that spectrum, to be honest. For fat fetishists, this site will have obvious upside, but those same lard lovers may find the site a bit lacking as well.

The positives here start with the theme; this place is a home for meaty mamas who like to hose down hard. There is no doubt about what you're getting here, and if this is your bag of tricks, you'll love the theme of this site.

The action is also decent. These women are big, and they have a sexual appetite to match their size. It's hardcore here, and with a nice variety as well.

And now the downsides, and there are a few. First of all, even though these women are big, I can't say they're all BBWs. That implies big, beautiful women, and these aren't all that pretty. A few are, but the talent level is up and down. That's strike one here.

Strike two is the amount of content. With only ten videos currently, you just don't get a lot of action. I'm a believer that a site shouldn't launch with less than 20 videos. With no date stamps on content, there's no way to tell how often updates come. This might be all you get.

Also, none of the streams worked for me here. I had to download everything I checked out. That's a huge negative. While I appreciate that downloads are available, streams should work, and that's a big third strike.

Another negative-Resolution on content is rough. There is no information given on video res, but it's far from high def. It's not horrible, but it's not great either.

The one saving grace is that membership provides access to a large network of sites, but none of them are fat-focused. If that's what you're here for, this site is it.

Amount of content: 10 videos/53 photosets
Update frequency: Information unavailable
Exclusive content: Uncertain
Max video resolution: Information unavailable
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 1,5362,304px
Available for mobile: Yes


There is a singular focus at FatAndFlabby.com, and it delivers that focus. That's the strong point. However, this site lacks a lot. The girls may be big, but they're not the best looking. There are some serious technical issues, and a striking paucity of content. Sure, there's a good amount of bonus content, but fat lovers are here for meat, and there's just not much to be had. Take a long hard look before joining. I find it hard to recommend this site if you're here just for the beef.

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