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Review: June 15, 2011
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FeedHerFuckHer.com is simply a site you just have to see. I would call this a fetish based site that dances on the extreme side without being rough or anything like that. The good people of this site have combined two of life's pleasures: big girls and food. Yes, these girls love food almost as much as the love hung men and you can get the best of both worlds right here.

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Feed Her Fuck Her.com is one of those sites. You know the type. Its part hot and heavy and part "what the hell was that?!" You got to give the guys who created this site some good solid props though, they successfully combined the love of big horny heavy set babes with the love of good and naughty eats and treats.

Picture it. You have a super horny big gal and you have a delicious triple cheeseburger. She wants both. What do you do? If your answer is putting your wang between the patties and letting her go at it, then giving it to her as hard as you can while making a mess of her then you have exactly what it takes to be a member of this very kinky site!

See for yourself with the free tour. Watch and enjoy up to 5 streaming flash trailers which will show you what this site is all about. If you're feeling hungry, then grab a snack and a bottle of lube because you're going for a fun, but sadly short, ride.

The site is designed simple and rightfully chunky. Its easy to get around and you won't have any trouble seeing any of the fonts or images. Choose your poison by clicking videos, pictures, or extras. Pictures are pretty nice looking! There's only 15 galleries but there is around 70 images per set to love and enjoy. Download the zipfiles for easy and fast collecting and to enjoy them in full size.

Videos are also very nice looking and can be easily called high definition. Enjoy them in streaming flash format which in convenient and fast or download them for keeps forever and ever with no DRM protection. Videos can be downloaded in both wmv or mp4 formats but its wmv that comes in at a respectable 1280x720.

As far as the site's extras go, throw in 2 extra videos and that's about it. That will bump up the total amount of videos to 17 which is also very low. Granted, this is some rare stuff but the fun won't last very long with numbers like that. A full membership will also give you access to one bonus site though.


FeedHerFuckHer is something to experience. The quality, overall, is very good and the navigation is simple and effective. Jumping between videos and pictures is easy as, well, pie. Unfortunately, the content numbers are pretty low at 15 image galleries and 15 videos plus the 2 bonus videos. Again, this is some rare niche stuff so you'll be challenged to find this kind of stuff anywhere else. If I were you, I'd opt for a short subscription.

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