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Review: January 16, 2012, by ruben

One of the first things that you see at Fem Flood in between a series of photos featuring a few horny babes spreading their legs and dripping sticky juices for the cameras. These babes seem to enjoy what they do and that makes the whole experience of this site a lot of fun. Check this site out if you are into watching good looking babes enjoy having fun while naked. You might want to grab a raincoat.

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Overall rating7.3

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The best thing about porn sites that we are expected to pay to have access to is when they keep up with demand. It always sucks to pay monthly for a site that never updates and essentially leaves us horny viewers out in the cold. FemFlood does not make that mistake and that is nice to see. Updates come every few days and that is how it should be. I really hope that this pace keeps up. I really love what I see here.

One thing that you should know is that not every video on this site features a wet orgasm. The site makes this clear with the following disclaimer:

"This site is not simply a "squirting" site ... it's all about genuine and unsolicited female ejaculation and squirting orgasms. Many of the women don't plan on squirting ... it just happens when then climax. Some squirt for the first time ever - others know they squirt, and they squirt big-time! Whatever the case, FemFlood is all real - real female ejaculation and real orgasmic squirting."

A few of the videos that I watched featured excellent footage of babes getting themselves off with various toys that they seem to really enjoy. At least one of the videos shows a babe getting a little help from a man but he apparently fails and the babe ends the scene by making herself spasm and squirm. If the orgasms that are shown here are fake, these chicks really deserves Oscar nominations. With or without the squirt, every babe at FemFlood gets rocked in a very good way. It is a real pleasure to watch bodies tighten up and faces cringe with pleasure.

You will 13 videos on the site at this point and each can be streamed or downloaded as a high-quality Windows Media file or a file designed for portable viewing. There is also a nice collection of high-res photos for us to enjoy that can be downloaded in your choice of sizes.

Do yourself a favor and find a babe named Antonia. Her pigtails will have you on a plane searching the world for her. Damn! I'm in love!


You may love to see babes getting off and spraying their honey all over the place. If so, you will be happy at FemFlood.com. You will also be happy here if you just straight up like to see women get off and really honestly enjoy the pleasure. The navigation here is simple, the models are top-notch and the quality of the content is clean and great to look at. Enjoy this site. It is quite nice.

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