Femme Fight Review

Review: June 20, 2006, by Gabrio
Femme Fight

This morning I was a bit bored so I was thinking about some new cool sites to review and I found Femme Fight, which is devoted to sexy chicks that are battling together in hot fights! Yeah you got it right, I am not kidding, this is not your average porn site indeed! Take a look at the tour and if you are getting curious follow me inside the members area, see you there!


Overall rating8

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The main page of the members area of Femme Fight looks pretty compact, at the top of the page we have the following buttons: Home, New Content, Photos, Movies, Forum, Links and Contact which are for the main areas of the site, then at the center of the page there is a welcome message and there is a link in red which takes you to their forum where you can tell them what you want to see next on the site and I think that it's pretty good actually. At the very bottom of the page finally there is a link for an external site, Lethal Lipstick but you will need a separate membership for that one.

First of all I clicked New Content and within a few moments I had in front of me their latest sets, for each one there is a description at the top of the page and then you have a few preview images which are linked to the .mpg video of that set. Then you will see another box with other chicks, you have a description here too and this is a picture set actually, and there is a link for downloading the zip set of such archive. Since the videos are in .mpg format you can watch them in streaming or if you prefer you can download them on your computer of course and in my opinion their quality looks fine and they will play very well in full screen as well.

Then I clicked Photos and that link opened a very long page with all the photo galleries and they have the same setup that I have described above, if you click the thumbnail located at the left of the screen you will get the thumbnail page however in my opinion that is not very intuitive and then you have also the .zip download which is very useful. The quality of the full sized photos is good and their screen resolution is big as well.

The movies page is also very long and each scene has 4 screen shots available and they are directly linked to the .mpg files, I think that these videos are pretty rare to find so they are definitely worth the time you're gonna spend for the download.


The bottom line is that the content you find inside the members area of Femme Fight looks hot and like I said above it's not the usual content you generally find online but it looks like something entirely new in my opinion. In every scene, one girl starts fighting and then one of them wins on the other, the situations are mixed and one of them usually wins the fight and they are averagely hot.

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