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Review: August 12, 2010, by Jennifer

At First Anal Date, these amateur couples are going out on their first date and coming home to some hot anal sex! You can see all of the slutty chicks who would put out anal sex on the first date inside as they get their asses stretched wide open by hard pricks. They have hours of videos of these real amateur couples who have just met but are now anal lovers.

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Inside of they have some very nice sets of their latest updates featured. These movies are all exclusive and they rank very high among their site members. You can browse through all of their movies and pictures, or you can check out the top rated section so you can see all of the highest quality scenes.

The site has a lot of banner advertisements between their content updates, but at least they've put a border around them so they don't blend in with the actual site updates. They are much less deceiving with a border around them even though they are in between each update.

The videos are nice high quality full length scenes that you can download in WMV format. All of their movies are exclusive and you can't find them on any other site out there. They have a lot of anal action and are rated very high. They also include a low speed movie that you can download if you are on a slower internet connection.

I really liked to see that they had digital pictures instead of screen caps for their episodes. They are super high resolution with 1500 pixels on the long side. You can also rate the photo sets on how much you enjoyed them too. Or you can download the entire set in a zip file.

If you want to check out something else on the site rather than their content, they have plenty of bonus porn video feeds. They have these streaming movies in many different categories such as lesbians, teens, and Spring Break clips. Plus as a member of this site you also get free access to all of their other porn sites in their network.

I was very pleased by this site as opposed to other sites I've seen in their portfolio. They have super high quality content and digital pictures replacing blurry screen caps. And the fact alone that these movies rank higher than other movies that they have on other sites in a testimony to the fact that this is a better site all around. They have hot anal sex in super high quality and plenty of bonuses to keep you occupied.


FirstAnalDate is an exceptional site that features some very high quality anal sex videos. You can tell that the members like this site as well because their scenes are ranked quite high. They also have some super sized digital pictures that put you right into the action. You can view them one at a time or they have them in zip files for download. This site is by far one of the best sites they have in their network of sites.

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