Flexi Dolls Review

Review: December 2, 2009, by Steve
Flexi Dolls

Flexi Dolls is a site dedicated to double-jointed, flexible, gymnastic and just downright bendy models contorting themselves in to a whole host of highly sexy positions! These girls are able to get into positions that almost make it look as though they haven't got any bones! They use their flexibility to pull off some amazing poses, and creating content quite unlike anything you might have seen before. Houdini had nothing on these girls!


Overall rating5.5

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There are currently 27 videos on FlexiDolls, with a new one added every week. There are no photo galleries nor any screenshot galleries for that matter though. The navigation here is very short on details and features, to be honest. Aside from the name of the girl in the video, there is no description of any of the videos at all, and there is no section to list all the models under. The fact is that the free tour looked, navigated and was easier than the members' area, and really it should have been the other way round! Pretty disappointing, really.

Despite the presentation lacking in a few areas, it was surprising to see that the videos downloaded so quickly on the whole, despite some quite sizeable video files. Most of the videos on the site played at 640x480px, whether you opted for the streaming or downloadable versions. Most of them are also split into smaller parts, which would make download speeds a fair bit faster anyway.

What a strange little site FlexiDolls.com is. This is more about these girls folding themselves up, or being folded up, into all kinds of shapes that are supposed to be sexually arousing. It's basically a bit like watching the gymnastics events at the Olympic Games on TV, except you have to pay, the girls are a bit hotter, and they don't get a medal at the end of it. Okay, maybe not such a great metaphor, but you get my drift, I'm sure!

There is some more sexual content on show here. Some of the girls are folded into positions from which they can take a dildo, pussy rubbing or even a tongue in a position far different than you would see on 99% of porn sites. But really, this is more about what the girls can do with their bodies. Occasionally the action doesn't really seem to have any connection to adult entertainment, such as when one or two of the girls are packed away into a suitcase. It's an impressive stunt, but probably not one that most porn fans will necessarily be looking out for!


Flexi Dolls.com is a curiosity of a site. The content is not as accessible as it should be thanks to a below average index system and a lack of information about the content as a whole. Yet, the scenes are occasionally very good indeed thanks not just to the flexibility of the models but also because of what they are prepared to do in them. Some scenes don't really engage, but it's an interesting little site packed with bonuses whichever package you go for. It is slightly lightweight though.

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