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Review: October 27, 2014
Flirt 4 Free

Flirt 4 Free joins a growing list of sites in the popular adult webcam genre, throwing its hat in to the "free" category in this group. Yes, that's right! Even the utterly broke can see hot girls getting frisky on web cam. All it takes is a computer and an internet connection. Want to have real fun? That's going to cost you. This site has some hot models but I found it a little challenging to use.


Overall rating7.5

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Adult web cams are becoming hugely popular nowadays, and there is some thought that they are replacing traditional porn to a degree. Some cam girls are becoming famous, and there is no shortage of sites battling it out for customers. One of the more popular hooks is offering free web cam access. Flirt 4 enters the fight with its version of this hook.

When I first entered, things looked simple enough; you're presented with an array of pictures of girls that have cams. Seemed simple enough, but then things got confusing. Sites like this need to make things very simple and easy, but that wasn't the case here. When you visit an adult cam site, you generally want a few things: to be able to find girls you like quickly; to know how much it costs to upgrade from the "free" access in a simple to understand way; a way to keep track of that cost; and solid cam quality. Flirt 4 Free doesn't hit the mark well on all of those and misses it completely on 2.

I had a little trouble finding ways to girls I'd like. It's hard to tell who's live and who isn't. It seems like it should be clear, but it wasn't to me. I was able to find my way to the types of girls (i.e. redheads, squirters, etc), so that was a positive.

There is some explanation about how much the various girls cost (you have to dig for that explanation), but it's convoluted. Further, when in an upgraded chat, it's hard to tell how many site credits you have left. The chat room interface isn't really clear and is a little busy. Overall, just confusing and hard to understand.

On the plus side, the talent of the models is high, and there is a good variety and selection. There are lots of categories that models fit in to, and the cam quality looked fairly good, although one model's audio was rough.

Amount of content: Rotating VOD/unknown quantity
Update frequency: n/a
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: No information/varies
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: n/a
Available for mobile: No

Conclusion has promise. They definitely have nice talent and decent cam quality, two very important aspects of an adult cam site. The model navigation system is ok as well. That said, the site could really use a re-design. I had a lot of trouble understanding how the site works, and that made for an experience that was not really all that enjoyable. Once I was with a model in a private room, I didn't know much money I was spending, and that can be important. This site is ok, but not great.

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