Food Bangers Review

Review: August 19, 2008, by Gabrio
Food Bangers is a website where you are going to find sex mixed with food and I have to say that this is looking a bit strange and disgusting for me a little bit but since I am a pro I am going to write about it anyway....The hot dog trick which you see in the picture at the bottom of the main page of the tour is a classic and it reminds me about the video with the pizza guy for some reason....


Overall rating6.8

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Inside the members area of the site you will find lots of content and even hough this niche is actually a bit strange I think that you are going to have lots of fun with this website since there are many extras to browse from...anyway the main page of the page is all black and the link that mostly interests you is the one that reads Featured Content since when you click that one you are going to get the main content of the site that is the Food....hell who doesn't like food...and sex...the 2 pleasures of life, maybe you feel lots of gluttony today? heheh

Anyway, the main page loaded quick and once I clicked on Featured Series, I reached the heart of the content with the girls loving food....I checked out this scene called Food Bangers - 1 and when you enter the main page of the scene (you saw some preview images from the previous page that gave you an overall idea about how the content looks like) you are going to see a black window, that one is for the flash video that is waiting to be clicked in fact once you click the usual arrow, the video will start gong on as usual.

All around this page with the scene you have chosen you will see lots of useful links, in fact you can jump to the following scene, you can check out the high quality picture gallery and you can also write your own review eventually - finally at the right of the page you will find the links for downloading the scene onto your hard disk too and I can see that there is also a high-definition version of the clips, that one was pretty large so make sure you are on a broadband connection at least 10 mbits otherwise it will be slow.

This scene I have chosen had in the video a girl that was playing with a cucumber and some zucchini, then I found another one where you see a girl playing with a muffin, then she smashes it into her pussy while she is getting fucked...all in all you can see at least something new.....


Food opens a new niche, at least for me in fact I never seen a website with "general food" mixed with sex...sometimes you have those websites with food but they usually have just one kind of food, say some fruit like strawberries (my favorite), cherries or stuff like that, here instead they mix in everything. Lots of goodies for this website and the main content could be a little more but we can give it some time for growing, too.. Do you feel hungry and fancy going in the kitchen? heheh

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