Frisky Baby Sitters Review

Review: December 29, 2008, by Gabrio
Frisky Baby Sitters

Are you in mood for some frisky babysitters? I hope so because we are going to check out Frisky Baby where you find hot teen chicks that are fucking hard and it seems that they really enjoy doing that! Or let me say it in other words, yet another website with sexy teens in action, let's take a look at the site so we can see how they look!


Overall rating6.5

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The main page of the website looks rather simple and at the top of the page we have the menu with these links: home, recent updates, upcoming updates, our sites, reality sites, dvd, date and log out - then on the right column of the site you have the top rated sets from the site and from all the content from the partner sites that are available with this membership - on the body of the page you can see which sites they give you and like you were guessing the main theme of the content is sexy teens.

In each update you will see some action with the babysitters and I guess that they are doing some tough checks on them, they are really expert at the household things and so on. The main content is all on 2 pages and that's it, you don't have it available elsewhere. I clicked one of the thumbs that you have on that page with the content and you will be taken to the next page where you have the download link, there is a link for the main download which leads to a big clip and then you have also the small clips.

Each scene is available in streaming and download and you can decide to stream either flash or windows media - the quality looks ok and the babysitters really have good qualities if you know what I mean!!! A nice feature was the fact that you can add the scenes to your playlist and watch them later, eventually.

I clicked the link Recent Updates from the top of the page and you have a list of the updates that they have done within the network sites, this does not have anything to do with the main updates connected with the site though, I didn't like that to be honest. And same thing goes if you click on Upcoming Updates, you will see a list of the updates from the other sites only. As for extras you have bonus sites, DVDs, extras, dates and this kind of stuff, certainly if you are up for some hardcore stuff, you will find loads to browse.


FriskyBabySitters is a website where you have amateur sex going on and if you are thinking about hiring a new babysitter, you can try to find girls as slutty as the ones they have here, but you will be sorry for your kid, at least they will make you really happy LOL!!! The website is easy to browse but they could add some more videos in my opinion.

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