Fuck Me Grandpa Review

Review: April 2, 2009, by Gabrio
Fuck Me Grandpa

Who said that old grandpa can't shoot his ammos anymore? FuckMeGrandpa.com shows you Uncle Jessie and his crazy adventures with the ladies!! And guess what? He's having the craziest fun with these young girls, and tell me if you wouldn't like to be like that at his age. Take a look at the sexy videos with this funny guy and see for yourself that he's still hard. I don't wanna know how many pills he popped but who cares??? ;-)


Overall rating6.3

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So, if you want to see all the crazy adventures of this old man, then you are in the right place.... the members area of Fuck Me Grandpa looks rather small and in the end I found it quite easy to move around...at the top we have a classic menu with these links which let us move around the various areas they have: Home, Photo Galleries, Video Galleries, Bonus Content, Live Cams and Support.

They have a welcome note for all new members and right under that you have the buttons that connect you with the main ares of the page, which of course are photos and videos. By clicking on any of those 2 - and this is the core of the website, you will be taken to the pages where you find the galleries. I started with the photo ones and we have 20 sets on page one, then you can move to the following pages by clicking on the red button that reads "next" which is located at the bottom of the page.

I checked out one of the photo galleries and everything loaded quite fast, for each gallery you have a quite good number of photos and you can choose whether you want to browse small, medium or large thumbnails. On a side note, we do not have the .zip download option for the image galleries but in terms of content we have a total of 74 galleries. I have to say that not in all galleries you can see the crazy uncle, you have other guys in certain of the galleries.

Off to the videos now, on the main pages there are 20 videos per page and when you click over the small screen captures you reach this page where you find the links for the videos and we have flash and wmv streams to choose from. The navigation of the page is not very intuitive when it comes to the videos in my opinion. The flash clips started to play within a few seconds and their quality looks average overall. You will soon see some action with grandpa, usually what he does is start doing photo shoots and then it goes into crazy action with these young girls and from that you can tell that he's still an old pervert having fun, which is the main concept of the website actually.


My overall conclusion about this website Fuck Me Grandpa.com is that they should change the navigation a little bit. In terms of quality of content I was not so impressed because the videos have a screen resolution of just 320/350x240 however you will most likely appreciate the dirtyness of Uncle Jessie and his crazy videos with the amateur girls. Overall you have 125 videos to choose from which sounds like a good deal. Finally you can enjoy a good list of bonus sites.

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