Fuck Team 5 Review

Review: April 2, 2010
Fuck Team 5

FuckTeamFive.com has an interesting name. You might be wondering what exactly it means and I'm here to tell you. This site is about having a group of really hot girls who go out and pick up average Joes and give them the time of his life. This reality based site gives its members pictures and plenty of videos with a fun and believable plot to go along with it all.


Overall rating7.8

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Fuck Team Five.com doesn't always mean there's going to be five girls, five guys, or a combination ending in five, but what it does have is some sort of group sex in the end. Fuck Team Five takes a group of really, really hot young girls and actual famous pornstars and put them out on the prowl to pick up total average Joes to have sex with them. Its a fun plot and believe it or not, its generally done pretty well.

FuckTeamFive is a BangBros site and I have to admit, I am not a BangBros fan. However, I admit that I have always liked Fuck Team Five's stuff. If they can get this picky porn-fiend, maybe they can seduce you as well. Check out the free tour which is quite generous with multiple free streaming trailers. Take your time and look around and watch everything you can. If this is up your alley, lets go further in.

In the member's area you will battle staying on track as this site is part of the ever-growing BangBros network. Since BangBros has a lot of very popular sites, there is quite a lot of content everywhere and this is not necessarily a bad thing. Pick your episode from the latest updates and away we go.

This isn't a real big picture site so picture lovers will be slightly disappointed. There are 84 sets with about 100 pictures per set and they are an average size and OK resolution at around 533x800. I did not see zip file downloads at this time so downloading pictures will be a huge chore one-by-one.

Videos were much better. There are 84 videos with 84 matching pictures and screen caps. Videos can be streamed in Windows Media Player which was a little disappointing because their trailers were in a nice flash. Videos can also be downloaded in either wmv and sometimes mpeg format running around 720x406 in wmv or 640x368 in mpeg. Videos run nice and look good.

The bonus material will provide you with around 20 bonus sites with tons of more pictures and videos from some of the internet's most popular sites. If you are a fan of any of the BangBros sites, you will be in heaven with the bonuses.


What I like about FuckTeamFive is the acting, plot, and the amazingly hot girls. Sometimes you will be wondering if this is actually real, and I don't fall for that very often. The girls are extremely hot and always young and tight looking and I give props to whoever picks them out. There is a lot of content when you include the bonus sites and the price isn't too bad for its popularity. Check out the tour and if you like the plot like me, this is one to possibly keep on your list.

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