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Review: February 22, 2010, by Steve

Gemma Massey Online is the new official website of 'the UK's number one glamour model'. This beautiful and busty model has become known for her regular magazine pictorials and also for her live phone-in performances on satellite TV in Britain, and now she is here for people all over the world to enjoy! You can not only catch her here in live shows, but also in some exclusively shot photo galleries and videos that only her members get to see.

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Overall rating5.8

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In terms of the navigation and presentation here, I have to be honest and say that the main members' page wasn't great. I'd rather not see adverts for the company's other services nor a live show from a model not even connected with the site. This stuff should be tucked away somewhere or at least made less visible - it dominates this page. Things do get better though with a really nice design and good video and photo gallery pages, and update information is quite good although it doesn't go as far as telling us what the upcoming schedule is. It could do with a biography of Gemma too.

It doesn't appear as though there was any option for downloading the videos here, which does really restrict your options. In fact, you can stream them in-browser or you don't watch them - as simple as that. There were no .ZIP file downloads on the photo galleries, and most photos were only sized at a pretty small 600x400px. In other words, not many options for you here!

Considering is a brand new site, obviously as a reviewer you give it a certain amount of leeway and benefit of the doubt as to its quality. The early days of this site though would suggest that they do need to improve it in a fair few areas, especially as there are not many extras to distract you as you wait for the main site to bulk up a little bit. The lack of content options would be a good start here, but the content itself may need looking at too.

The photo galleries are great. Really superbly shot by some top British photographers, and Gemma (and friends) looks amazing in them. With between 16 to 34 images in each of them though, they are not overloaded with images. The videos need some work though with some of them being those stop-start affairs where the model stops what she is doing to have a photo taken. There are a couple of nice ideas in there but these need developing, I think. With only 13 videos and 11 galleries so far too, it needs to grow.


Although Massey's place as one of the UK's top glamour models is certainly there to be seen in what little her site has to offer right now, Gemma Massey is a site that is still a work in progress for me. It wasn't so much the amount of content that was on offer, as that will increase naturally with time, but the quality of some of it. The videos need working on and better ideas behind them, while the site's presentation needs a little work as well. Gemma is a beauty though!

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