Genuine Features Review

Review: November 1, 2016, by Marilyn
Genuine Features

Where does all unpublished erotic material from model castings and screen tests end up? On Genuine Features of course. This is a massive archive of all the stuff that happens behind the scenes and its as juicy and as real as you imagine it to be. The models are just looking to make their mark and these videos and pictures prove they'll do whatever it takes to get noticed! 11 bonus sites are included with membership.


Overall rating7

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How many times do you visit a porn sites and wonder about what may have happened before a scene was shot? I know that's happened to me a few times and thankfully Antony Flipp was genius enough to anticipate this curiosity and therefore create GenuineFeatures, a site dedicated exclusively to all the behind the scenes naughtiness that never makes the final cut. This is where you get to see the models and all the wanna-bes in their rawest form and literally anything goes, including giving the camera man a spontaneous blowjob!

This site is part of a much larger network and the best part is your membership here gets you into all the other sites so you're getting 12 sites for the price of one, which is a very good deal but since you came for this particular site, let's explore what exactly you get once you log into the Genuine Features members area.

Everything is as straight forward as can be with all the content spread out over 98 pages at the time of the review with each page carrying about 5 scenes. This is where the major problem comes in though as you have to manually click on each page to view the content listed on those pages. There is no way to sort through the content as no browsing tools are offered.

What is offered is scene after scene of interesting insight into what goes on before a scene is officially shot. The content is unscripted so it has an air of authenticity about it which is crucial for an amateur porn site. Updates are a little on the slow side - sometimes you get one update per week, other times three updates a week but at least they're still coming in. And in between updates you can always kill time by browsing through the bonus sites mentioned earlier.

Amount of content: 486 videos and 486 photo galleries
Update frequency: weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 720x576
Video types: flash, wmv, mp4
Photo resolution: 720x540px
Available for mobile: Yes


The one really good thing that Genuine-Features has going for it is the fact that the content is so good you won't want to blink for fear of missing out. It's as good as you'd expect amateur content to be and there is enough of it to keep you busy for a while. The fact that your membership includes access to 11 other hot porn sites simply makes this a much better deal.

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