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Review: October 27, 2015, by Steve

Gina Gerson is a Russian porn star who, over the last couple of years, has become one of the most popular eastern European performers around. She has that look of innocence about her which you immediately cannot believe for one second when you look at some of the things she's doing on her site! You can find exclusive videos and photo sets here, including behind the scenes footage that lets you know more about her!

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Overall rating6.2

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The navigation on this site was pretty basic on most levels even though it generally worked ok. There wasn't much description with any of the galleries and videos on this site, and the blog didn't contain much in the way of details either. The indexes are ok but once again not much info was given. There is a little bit of interaction with Gina, she seems to answer most comments on her site, so fans of hers may well appreciate that side of things.

All of the videos here are available for streaming and downloading. Pretty much all of them appeared to be available in HD and it was good to see a good number of download and streaming options on each of these. All photo sets can be downloaded to a ZIP file but the image sizes varied depending on the gallery.

Now, don't get me wrong. I really like Gina, and I really enjoy watching her videos and have done for a couple of years. But has a number of videos that, really, I don't understand the point of. It feels to me that videos of her looking for a lost key, riding a bike to Budapest, and walking down the street after a trip to the gym are just padding out the collection.

In fact, there are so few actual nude videos here that it's almost impossible to grade this fairly. Outright fans of hers might be interested in this and seeing glimpses of her everyday life but I think this kind of content should be bonus stuff only. No photo sets have been added for quite some months as well. It really is a very strange and disappointing site, and not at all what I expected.

Amount of content: 163 videos and 24 photo sets
Update frequency: 6 to 10 videos per week; photo sets updates unknown - no updates on these in 7 months
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720px (HD)
Video types: Flash and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1200x800px
Available for mobile: Yes


Gina is a site that I can only really recommend strongly to the very biggest fans of hers. There are a lot of videos here that simply aren't even slightly titillating, which would be fine if there were a lot more than were. But these kinds of videos are well in the majority, with no photo sets being added any more, it's a peculiar site. Go for the trial option, Gina lovers!

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