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Review: January 29, 2016

The Girl Next Door has long been a sought after type for most men, and the Swank Pass Network brings that type of girl to its members in a large collection that mixes hardcore and softcore content. This site is mostly images, and spans a time period from yesteryear up to the present. It hearkens back to the time when all porn was delivered on pulpy magazines. The site is pretty simply organized, which matches the content.

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Overall rating7.9

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With nearly 1400 photo galleries, Girl Next brings its members a veritable plethora of cute girls, hot girls, and generally attractive young babes. This site appears to pull from the classic porn magazine Gallery to populate its collection of photos. Gallery has long featured a "Girl Next Door" contest in which photographers submit pictures of amateur models. From each group of monthly entries, one model winner is selected. The most famous winner is retired porn star Stacy Valentine. From what I can tell, many (although not all) of the girls here are pulled from this feature.

There are some videos, although only a handful. The content is a mix of hardcore and softcore, and it mostly sticks to that girl next door theme.

The site is pretty simple. Content is arranged via pic links, and there are a few basic menu options to help sort things out. I wouldn't say it's the most powerful system I've ever seen, but it's used on quite a few adult sites and it's not tough to figure out. I'd have liked to see some tagging of content to allow for easier digging, but that's not a major issue.

One of the site's definite positives is the viewing options. Once you've selected something to check out, there are several ways to get it, and they're all pretty nice. Resolution on content is all over the place, and older stuff tends to be a little less than crisp.

There are some negatives. The main one is that there doesn't appear to have been any updates in about 2 years. That's a pretty big stretch, and I wonder if this is all you'll ever get. Also, the overall quality, while occasionally hitting some nice heights, never really gets much above average. While the quantity of content is high, I found myself getting bored quickly with what's here. Members get Swank Network access, which spices things up, however.

Amount of content: 7 Videos/1372 photo sets
Update frequency: No updates since mid-2013
Exclusive content: Unknown
Max video resolution: Unknown
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 525x800px
Available for mobile: Yes


There is a cornucopia of content at Girl It's mostly all images, so if you're looking video, look elsewhere. The site is simply organized, with a decent set of sorting tools, and is pretty easy to get around. However, I found the the site a little less than awesome as a whole. There's nothing really bad here, but nothing that lit my fire either. There is a low cost preview, so that might be worth checking out. If you join, do so for Swank Network access.

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