Girlfriends who Cheat Review

Review: November 15, 2011, by Steve
Girlfriends who Cheat

Girlfriends Who Cheat is a site where you become acquainted with some very attractive amateur babes in more ways than one. This site features them in exclusive and uncensored videos and galleries that you can enjoy as many times as you want, but if you want to get to know them better on a personal basis, this site will allow you to do that as well by directly contacting them on the site.


Overall rating5.8

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There are currently 16 photo galleries and 14 photo galleries on this site, which has only updated a couple of times since July 2011 at the time of this review. The members' area provides a familiar looking design and layout. There is next to no information about the content or the models themselves, which was disappointing, and obviously with such a small collection it would have been nice to have seen some information about any upcoming updates. On the whole, it was a poor effort that they could not be clearer about what their site precisely is.

On the galleries that are on offer here, you will find that they are all available for ZIP download and that most of the photos featured are sized at 1024x768px. The videos on this site can be streamed and downloaded in .WMV and .MP4 formats in short clips, or downloaded in full length .WMV and .MP4 videos. The best quality videos here play at a high definition 1280x720px and the download speeds were largely very good indeed.

I don't really know what is supposed to be. It hardly helps that they don't volunteer any information themselves about their site, but is this meant to be some kind of odd dating and private messaging site? If so, it doesn't really work as such and isn't helped by a peculiar pricing system that did not make sense at all. You get the requisite photo galleries and videos, which on their own are all well and good. But I'm not sure about the 'messaging' thing.

Basically, it looks as though you have to create a separate profile on some dating / live cam site to message these girls but like with many such sites, it advertises as being 'free' but if you want to do anything you have to pay. Yeah, I'm not keen on that. What I would say is that you should ignore that side of the site and concentrate on the very decent photos and videos - the problem being there are not very many of them and they don't update much. Ho hum.


Girlfriends Who is a site that I could not really warm to due to its rather peculiar set-up both in its subscriptions and members' area. I'm just not a fan of any site that requires you subscribing to another site to make full use it. The content could have been good enough to take on the site by itself, but with updates proving to be infrequent and the collection being a small one, it can't quite manage that.

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