Girls Next Door Abused Review

Review: August 17, 2010, by Jennifer
Girls Next Door Abused

They pick these girls right off the streets and take them back to their place and treat them like the little whores that they are. Girls Next Door Abused features reality porn of these little sluts who are willing to fuck a stranger after just meeting him. They'll get throat fucked, nailed hard, and cum covered with several cumshots at once. They'll get fucked then they'll get tossed out like yesterday's trash.


Overall rating7.3

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After I logged into I got to see all of their last updates they've added to the site. They keep on top of their updates by adding all fresh new scenes several times a month. All of their content is exclusive for this site only and cannot be found anywhere else. You can go into their movies area to see all of their updates, or you can go to the top rated section and find all of the best scenes to watch.

I was pleased to see just how many video updates that they have on the site. They have probably near 50 scenes to check out. One thing I didn't like about the updates is that in between each update, there is a banner that takes you out of the site and tries to get you to upsell to another site. I don't mind a few banners on a member site but this one seems to go a bit overboard with their banners. They're also very deceiving as they look like part of the main content which is something that would piss off members.

Each video has a full length movie that you can download or you can watch the movie in smaller clips. The smaller clips offer both streaming and downloadable options. They offer all of the movies in WMV files but some of the older ones appear to be offered in QuickTime format too. They give you the ability to rate each scene so the best rated will make it to the top rated page.

Each video has screencaps that come from the movie that you can view in a gallery. I was very unimpressed with the screencaps because it was obvious they were taken by some sort of automated method because they include shots of feet, doors, and blurry shots in between scenes and such. They are just very poor quality screen caps. However they give you the ability to download the entire set in a zip file.

There are also several other bonus sites that you get with your membership to this one and they are all listed on a separate page with a description so you can browse through them.


GirlsNextDoorAbused has some fine content but several things inside the site that irked me. For example they have banner overkill. I can understand 2-3 banners inside of a site to try and get some upsells, but they include a banner in between each update so much that it becomes confusing which is the content and which is the sponsor ads. The movie scenes were a nice high quality video but the screen caps were poor and blurry.

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