Girls Pumping Review

Review: July 12, 2012, by ruben
Girls Pumping

I am tempted to call a doctor to seek professional advice about this site! There is some seriously kinky and crazy action taking place on Girls Pumping and you will have to be a pretty particular fan to really enjoy it. Get ready to see a few things that you have never seen before. Think about ultra-plump pussy lips, clits and even assholes. These sluts are crazy and that makes this fun!


Overall rating7.5

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The porn industry can be pretty crazy and it is hard to figure it out sometimes. Girls is an example of that. Based on the name of this site, I was not sure what to expect. Would this be a site featuring babes working on an oil ship? Maybe babes working at a gas station? Maybe babes with mad handjob skills?

The answer is - None of the above!

GirlsPumping features sluts that get off increasing the size of various body parts with the help of vacuum pumps. You will see pumped up nipples, massive clits that look like they are about to pop, pussy lips that look like rafts and assholes that look well - a bit scary.

The trouble with this site is that the content is really all over the place. You have to dig a bit to really get into the meat of the site and find what you are looking for. I noticed quite a few links to content that had nothing to do with pumping at all. The saving grace though was that the content did focus on other fetish action that was great to watch. There is some domination, pain, hardcore masturbation and other nastiness in play here and that amount of variety is always welcome in my book.

You will also notice a lack of content on this site. The menus show links to three different video types but each link only yields a few movies. The movies that are featured can be streamed on-site or downloaded. Quality is all over the place. Most of the streaming content that I watched was served up very small.

Photos are one thing that the site gets right but again, many of the photo sets don't show pumping action. They are damn nice to look at though because some are sized to a fucking huge 7000px. Photos this large are rare. You will the deep pink of every pussy, the detail in every nasty nipple shot and every single drip of fluid really comes to life. It is hard not to really love the images that are featured.


GirlsPumping is a site that really could grow if it was given some attention. I'd like to see more of the content that the site is supposed to be focused on and I would like to see updates appear on a regular basis. The potential for a really amazing site definitely exists here. This is something that you should take a close look at if you are a fan of kinky fetish play.

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