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Review: July 7, 2010, by ruben
3 views is exactly what the name of the site implies. What this site offers up to us is a collection of glamourous models smiling pretty and showing the world that they can shine on camera. These babes have amazing bodies that offer all that we could ever want in a fuck doll- tight asses, plump little pussies, long legs and bouncy firm boobs capped with rock hard nipples.

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Overall rating5.8

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I am not really sure what I supposed to write to fill the space here that I am required to fill. Glam and does what it is supposed to do in regard to showing us a roster full of hot bodies that are all dolled up and ready to play but that is where the good things about this site end. You can tell that a bit of care was taken to select the collection of fuck models here and that is always appreciated. There is nothing worse than visiting a site to find a collection of chicks that look like they live in a fucking bus station and fuck random homeless dudes for spare change. The ladies on this site are of premium quality. They would live in the upscale high-rise down the street from the bus station where any dude would gladly pay big bucks to keep them around and happy.

My main problem with this site is that there is just not much taking place and that what is taking place is all fucked up and unusable. For instance, when I clicked the navigation button to view the promised videos, I was excited as hell. I was about to see a hot babe with soft skin pose for me and wiggle her tender ass for the camera. She would entice me with her tits and make me crave her and keep forking over my monthly payment. Instead, what I got got was a blank fucking page with no content at all. There was not a single video to be found. Damn. What a fucking downer.

So, the lack of videos sucks and that is an issue but I have to move on to the pictures. The good thing is that they actually exist. That is a big plus in my book. The problem is that there are only 14 models with photo sets to view. For a porn site, this collection is anemic at best. The saving grace is that the photos that do exist are sharp and beautiful. High-res images are always nice to see and these can be downloaded in .ZIP files full of photos sized up to a massive 2,336x3,504 pixels.


GlamandArt is cheap as far as price goes, but there is just not enough content to justify any amount here. I believe that this site is mostly meant to be a bonus site attached to a network but it can be purchased on its own. Personally, there is no way in hell that I would shell out any cash for this site unless it gets updated in a very big way.

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