Glamour Flower Review

Review: March 25, 2014
Glamour Flower

Photophiles unite! Glamour Flower brings its classy art style to erotic photography, claiming to not be like other sites. Their formula; they try to show a happy teen model + sexy lingerie or stockings + exotic locations. Does it add up to a winning combination? If you like high class photography and European women in sexy poses, then yes, it mostly does. I want to see more, however, and perhaps at a more reasonable, consistent price.


Overall rating7.3

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There are apparently people who are really in to high-quality artistic pornography, with an eye toward glamour. When I first started reviewing GlamourFlower, I knew it was this type of site, which gave me pause. I'm not a fan of this sort of thing; I like raunchy porn. However, I know there's a market for glamour, and I can appreciate it when I see it.

What's here is decent for what it is. What you get with membership is access to an album of photosets, all featuring young women (they look to be about 18-25) in erotic poses. It's all shot with an air of both sensuality and, as the site itself puts it, happiness. The sets are either somewhat exotic outdoor locations, or soft, bedroom-y indoor settings. The girls typically wear nice lingerie, stockings, or a similar sort of outift.

The talent is decent, if not spectacular. They have selected mostly thinner, lithe girls (you won't see much here that's voluptuous), and they're all European, I'd guess eastern Europe by the looks. The photography is well done, with great lighting, angles, and production values. That said, there was just a little something that took an edge off of the glamour. The "exotic" locales are as likely to be a grassy field as they are a sandy beach. The girls are attractive, but I wouldn't say they're top notch. The photography is good, with resolution maxing out at an eye-popping 3,744x5,616px. However, there's a downside to that crispness; you can see every zit on every girls face. Again, just one bubble off high-quality.

There is a small but growing collection of videos to go along with the photos, and they're in the same vein as the photo albums. Resolution is not great here, I should add, but the feel is the same.

An odd thing here is pricing; there are three prices for apparently the same thing (30 days). I have no idea why they'd do this.

Amount of content: 150 photosets/20 videos
Update frequency: 5-8x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: Unknown
Video types: avi
Photo resolution: 3,744x5,616px
Available for mobile: No


The girls at are peppy and happy and they want you to come in and check out their sensually shot photos. I'm not a fan of photo-centric websites, but for those that like these kind of sites, this one gets the job done. It's not top of the line, but it's not terrible either. One thing that is really odd is the pricing; asking different prices for the same thing is bizarre, and in any case, they're all high; too high for what you get.

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