Gogo Bar Auditions Review

Review: September 18, 2017, by Neil
Gogo Bar Auditions

Gogo Bar Auditions still remains the only website out there that delivers steaming hot videos in which hot Thai chicks audition for a job at a gogo bar and end up pleasuring dicks in numerous ways. With the ability to stream and download its exclusive videos, as well as to access 9 additional porn sites, this particular website indeed offers a wide variety of kinky and naughty things to its faithful members.


Overall rating7.6

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Interestingly enough, certain things have changed on Gogo Bar Auditions.com since the last time we have reviewed it. The most important change is that you can actually download image galleries and video clips off of it. This certainly makes the website more appealing. Also, now, you can access 9 bonus porn websites, which is maybe even better than the ability to download content. Oh, and there are 32 DVDs available on it as well.

With all of the things listed above, you can safely say that this website has been improved in many aspects and that it is worth your membership money now more than ever. The only thing that has not changed at all is its design. Also, only 7 new videos/photo sets (since these come together on this site) were added to the site in the previous 9 months. But, the update frequency has increased as of late.

Now, I have already mentioned that you can download videos/photos from this website. The downloads (and stream options) for videos are available in 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions. Most of the image galleries have photos in the 2560 x 1720 pixels resolution. You can download them as ZIP files.

If you feel like the 'premium' monthly membership fee is too high and you do not care about downloading things off of this site, then there is always the 10-dollars-cheaper solution which limits your access to streaming and viewing only. I do not know whether this is worth it, but I guess that there are some people out there who will be willing to purchase this option.

Finally, let us talk about those 9 additional websites. While there is a certain amount of them that dabble in Asian porn, there are also regular porn sites, as well as some official pornstar websites. They all have their own unique content and it is thanks to them that I think that GogoBarAuditions.com is worth your money.

Amount of content: 39 videos and photo sets
Update frequency: 3 times per month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD)
Video types: flash & mp4
Photo resolution: 2560 x 1720px
Available for mobile: Yes


GogoBarAuditions has hardcore scenes with a unique premise and excellent execution, as well as DVDs which cannot be found anywhere else. When you add to all of this the ability to access 9 additional websites, then you will have a pretty good Asian amateur porn website on your hands. The website was certainly enjoyable before, but, with recent updates, it has definitely become even more enjoyable both to lovers of amateur Asian porn and porn in general.

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