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Review: June 5, 2007, by nancy
Home Hidden Cams

If you've ever glanced in someone's window, or wondered what was going on behind closed doors, it sounds like Home Hidden Cams.com is going to be a site you'll like. It describes voyeur content exposing private sex life and more, including peeing, sex inside and out. Anything that can be caught by hidden camera should be inside this site. There are a lot of samples, some submitted by visitors to the site.


Overall rating6.5

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Home Hidden Cams offers you two choices - Cams inside and Cams outside. I chose Cams inside first and was taken to a page that had links to 83 pages of indoor hidden cams, a total of 821 cameras! Taking a sampling these included dorm room masturbation, quite a few shower and bath scenes, toilet scenes, bedroom fucking, warehouse lesbians, and dressing room cams to name a few. Some of the videos are filmed through a window, or from under a dressing room curtain, others are filmed by hidden camera, and some are even filmed through a keyhole it looks like. Since these are 'secret' videos, the quality is not super high, nor are the movies really long, but that only adds to the sneaky appeal of spying on someone.

There were 183 outdoor spy cams available. There were videos of girls who thought they were alone while they skinnydipped, stripping off, swimming, and drying off. There were also some videos of girls 'accidentally' flashing their bare bottoms while riding a bus or subway. There were quite a few scenes from the beach or a nudist camp with a lot of naked people doing all sort of ordinary things while being filmed without their knowledge. Hidden Cams caught some young lovers in a park getting frisky, and there were also behind the scenes at a fashion show. I'm not sure how many of these were taken with phone cams, but for the most part, the quality was higher than that. Videos are presented in a fairly small size, and of course are not the greatest quality, but not bad considering how many of them had to be filmed!

A feature that I thought was particularly cool was a contest for people to send in their own voyeur hidden cam videos with monthly prizes of from $1000 for first prize to $300 for 3rd prize. There were a couple blurbs from folks who had sent in videos and won, but it would have been nice to have a section showing the surfer submitted videos.

Videos are either in .avi or .mpg form and you can easily download them by right clicking as 'save target as' or by using the quicktime settings to save them.


If you like watching people and seeing what goes on behind closed doors, then HomeHiddenCams is the site for you. There is a wide variety of situations and settings, so if there is something that particularly piques your interest, you'll probably find it here. Here's something good too - you could send in your own hidden video and win from $300 to $1000 dollars plus a free membership to Hidden Home Videos.

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