Hookup Hotshot Review

Review: June 18, 2018, by Neil
Hookup Hotshot

Meet Bryan - he's a bespectacled, inked, and bearded guy who knows how to properly fuck hot chicks hard. His site Hookup Hotshot has tons of videos of him going on hookups with sexy fillies who are not aware that they are about to have the fucking of their lives. With an interesting premise, an intense, borderline extreme hardcore banging action, as well as wonderful babes, this site has got everything needed to gain your attention almost immediately.


Overall rating8.2

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Hookup Hotshot.com is actually a very fitting name for this website as each and every scene recorded for it features a hot chick hooking up with Bryan. As soon as they meet up, the girls end up being screwed by this guy so hard that they leave with a smile on their faces. While the action is borderline 'extreme', as you will see saliva, pussy juice, tears, and spunk flying all over the place, it never crosses the border to a more darker side of porn. Sure, the action is intense and hard, but it is by no means something that you will find in the deepest depths of the porn industry.

There are 200 videos available on this website and a fair share of them are available in the crisp 4K resolution. Those videos that are not available in 4K are usually found in the 1080p Full HD resolution. Naturally, you can download and view them in lower resolutions as well. Unfortunately, this website does not have any kind of images available, which is a shame. Still, that does not detract from the fact that it is amazing. Plus, the way the site is set up (the uploads act as Bryan's vlogs), having images could potentially kill the overall mood.

The only extras you will find on this site are a forum, a shop, and an application for potential pornstars. This application gives the opportunity to girls trying to have a breakthrough in the industry to be featured in one of the videos on this website, which is a neat thing for them. Other than that, there is nothing else for you on this website. But, that is why the monthly price is a bit lower than on other sites of this scope. After all, you have to remember that this is just one guy making videos and that he does a heck of a job doing so.

Amount of content: 200 videos
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 3840x2160 (4K/Ultra HD)
Video types: flash & mp4
Photo resolution: N/A
Available for mobile: Yes


HookupHotshot's videos have a unique and true to the name of the site premise that plays out magnificently in so many different ways. Girls on it are hotter than hot and the hardcore action, while being a bit in the realm of extreme is still arousing as hell for fans of porn in general. Plus, when you add the affordable prices to the mix, you can safely say that this site is worth your time and money.

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