Horsey Girls Review

Review: October 18, 2017, by Marilyn
Horsey Girls

Some girls like big dicks but some girls like monstrous dicks and those girls can be found at HorseyGirls happily plowing their tight holes with the biggest fake dicks you have ever seen. This porn site will drastically change the way you view masturbation for ever and even though it still hasn't found its footing quite yet, if you really want to see tight holes stretched to the max by humongous dildos, this is the place to be.


Overall rating5

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Hang around women long enough and you're bound to hear a story about a guy with such a huge dick that it wouldn't fit in where it was supposed to go. That's not a problem at Horsey-Girls where the women are not just horny but they like their dicks H-U-G-E, like insanely huge. Huge like I-have-to-take-an-asprin-before-this-goes-inside-me kind of huge. They aren't real dicks, they're massive dildos and the chicks take them like pros too! There's no complaining about size on this site either!

What I do have to complain about however, is how half-assed the site is. Right now the main page is splashed with colorful picture previews of what you can expect inside the site but there is no text to really tell you what the site is about. Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words - and the tease pictures do say way more a thousand words - but some juicy text to explain what the site is about and what's going on with the models would be way better than the "description coming soon" text littered across the site.

Another sign that this site is not quite ready for its big reveal is the fact that the members area is bare. All the content is thrown on one page and its basically up to you to figure out what's going on. The top content belongs to HijabRadicals which is a bonus site you get access to with your membership and if you want to see amateur babes fucking the heck out of themselves with gigantic black dildos, you have to scroll to the very bottom.

There are currently just 8 scenes but they're so good and each one includes a high quality video as well as a set of pictures and even though you can't skip ahead on the videos, they're worth every second you spend watching them.

Amount of content: 8 videos and 8 photo galleries
Update frequency: n/a
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 928x618
Video types: flash, mp4
Photo resolution: 901x600px
Available for mobile: Yes


Horsey Girls goes for the shock factor and somehow misses the mark. Yes, the content fits the theme of the site but the site itself could use a ton of work to get it in proper shape. For starters, it needs a better members area as well as more masturbation content and while they're at it, they need to establish a clear update schedule. This site has a lot of potential but give it a little time to really iron out the kinks before you grab a membership.

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