Hot Babes 4K Review

Review: November 9, 2018, by Steve
Hot Babes 4K

Time to cast your gaze in the direction of some of the most beautiful performers in the adult industry courtesy of Hot Babes 4K! This site brings you well over 100 stunning performers in exclusive videos and photo sets from across lesbian, hardcore and solo masturbation genres. Regular weekly updates will top you up with even more sexy women and smoking hot porn action as well, so come and take a look for yourself.


Overall rating7.5

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This is generally a well presented site and I had no problems with the navigation here. The models' section will give some good biographical information about all the ladies here and link you to their content, while the videos and gallery sections are well organised. Update information is ok if not especially detailed, and I guess the layout is slightly bland. Like I say though, it navigates fine.

I should point out that if you're expecting 4K ultra HD quality videos on this site, as you probably will be given its title, then you're in for a letdown. The best quality videos actually play at 1080px. There are good download speeds and viewing options on these videos, which can also be streamed. All photo sets are available for ZIP download too.

OK, here's the thing. Why would you call your site - if you don't actually have any 4K videos on your site? Does that strike anyone else as odd? It's a shame that this is the case because this is actually a really good site. Nothing at all new or original, and pretty much just a general porn site with a concentration on bringing us the stars who are widely regarded as the cutest and most beautiful.

But that's why it's so good, or at least it is to me. I've not really ever gravitated towards one particular niche or fetish, I just like seeing really attractive performers. So for my tastes, this is the ideal site. As mentioned, it covers the main three lesbian, hardcore and solo genres. There are also 119 different models, so a lot of stunning babes to choose from.

Amount of content: 84 videos and 224 photo sets
Update frequency: Approximately 1 video per week and 1 or 2 photo sets per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1065x1600px
Available for mobile: Yes

NOTE - This site has a pre-checked cross sales box on its join page. Please make sure this is unchecked when you join or you may incur extra charges, unless you wish to accept their offer.


If you can look past the somewhat strange title, Hot Babes is a fine porn site. Its collection is just about sizeable enough to make it good value, and the updates are fairly regular. Perhaps its lack of focus on one particular genre might put of those with specific tastes, but if you're like me and like a general cross-section of porn then you might find this to be right in your ballpark.

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