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Review: November 2, 2010
4 views is a pay site that features some pretty hot young babes. These girls all share a couple of things in common in the fact that they love showing off their hot little bodies for the members of this site. This site features a lot of teasing and a lot of boobies but no real hardcore action. If the tease is what you like, this site might have what you're looking for.

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Overall rating6.8

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HotModelClub is a relatively new site to the scene and is not even a year old at the time of this review. Typically, new sites, like this one, are sometimes a little low on the amount of the content available at this time and this site is in that boat. The good news is that they are still updating the site and the content has some nice points to it.

When you check out the free tour of Hot Model Club, you will notice a couple of things. First of all, the girls are really cute. There's a simple but arousing banner of two hotties smooching and that's always a good thing. There's also a lot of dirty blonds (in more ways than one) and they are all nice and young. From here you can check out all the models, see sample images and even sit back and watch a free streaming trailer that will show you what to expect with the video content in the members area.

The site design is simple and its easy to get the where you want to do. A list of updates greets you as does a weekly poll asking your opinion of what you want to see next. I picked more girl on girl action myself. Do keep in mind that the cover of the site really does show you what's inside. Do not expect to see and hardcore action besides a little bit of light girl on girl kissing. Expect lots of posing and great young boobs for the beef of the content.

The content, though tame, looks good, however. Pictures are the strong point of which there are 61 photosets with about 90 images per set. They come in at 1068x1600 pretty much all around and they have zipfile downloads. The images are sharp and clear and have a charming real amateur look to them.

Videos are much lower in count with a total of 6 at this time. They run about 5 minutes long and can be downloaded in either mp4 or wmv format. Videos run in a 640x480 resolution with a bitrate of 2087 at its peak. Along with this content, there are a few bonus sites that you get for free which will help with the low amount of content.


HotModelClub is a pretty basic site. If a tease is what really gets you going, then you might appreciate the tameness of this site. The content, overall, is pretty tame and includes mostly topless shots and some really hot bikini posing. The girls are really cute and have that hottie-next-door thing going on. Though the bonus sites will help with the amount of content, the total count is still pretty low. If they continue with the weekly updates, this site will shine a bit more.

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