Housewives Adventures Review

Review: July 3, 2007, by Gabrio
Housewives Adventures

Who said that having a regular housewife life is boring? Check out these nasty bitches from, it looks like they are having tons of fun, and we are speaking about sex fun of course, wouldn't you love to have as much fun as they do? I definitely think so! This membership grants you access to serveral other quality sites apparently so let's see what's inside the members area now ;-)


Overall rating7.8

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When checking out the tour of HousewivesAdventures I have been very positively impressed to see how much fun these hot housewives can have, don't you agree with me guys? Logging to the site is really easy and I have to say that the design is super simple, at the top of the page we have these 4 main links: Home / Videos, Bonus Sites, Network Updates and Support and in the main page which opens at first you have the most recent videos that have been added to the site, the latest of the most recent one is 20 April, 2007 so not too long ago, which is a good thing.

For every scene you have 2 bigger photos at the left (so you can see very well how the chick looks like) and then there are 6 smaller photos which give you an idea of this wild animal in action! On the first page the hottest MILF they have there is this Kate Jones in my opinion and I am going to check her out in fact! She is 32 and loves sex like crazy, she still has a body that most younger girls would kill for and this black guy had really a good sexy time going on with her!

In the page that opens when you click the link from the main page, you get a page which has a description at the top along with movie length, release date and then you can choose whether you want a streaming video or to save it to your hard drive yet the clips are available in .wmv and .mpeg, both small files and an overall files are available. Other than the video clips, you have also stills pictures, they didn't choose a too happy color though in fact it's very blue, they should have chosen another one in my opinion - not a big problem anyways!

This Kate chick is awesome and watching her getting fucked doggy is a pure pleasure for the eyes, trust me! Download speed off this site was pretty good too and you should go for the .wmv clips since they have the highest bit rate, 2000 kbs.


The content available from the members area of Housewives is really nice and I think that the only 'problem' is that there are not enough scenes simply! You have in fact just 3 pages available and even though they are hot, they are just not enough in my honest opinion!! Another remark on this girl "Christina" - on last page, pure sexiness and same goes for Tatiana, she got those horny eyes, know what I mean? hmmmm

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