Huge Rubber Dicks Review

Review: September 15, 2009, by Bigbrownbeaver
Huge Rubber Dicks

Easy to navigate, plenty to see here on this exclusive site. Definitely on the unusual side for these horny chicks. On you will see the biggest dildos I have seen in quite some time! For some of the techie stuff:
Picture Resolution 1440px x 960px pixels varies per site.

Video Resolution - Low-Def (wmv) 320x240,Broadband 640x480, Widescreen 720x480, Hi-Definition 1280x720, Hi-Definition 1920x1080; Resolutions vary per site. Video Bitrate kbit/s varies per video resolution

Come check out the lovely ladies who are showing you their talented pussies.


Overall rating7.3

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Once in the member area of huge rubber, you will find all the links to get around on the top of the site, just click and you're there. The middle of the site is devoted to the updates for these horny gals and their videos and pictures which are high quality and in zip files for downloading.

No DRM, and available in an assortment of resolutions both the downloads and flash from the site. High quality and here for the taking. These gals are unbelievable in their talents with these huge dildos going into their pussies. On the left of the site, there are links to the other sites in the network.

Checking the tabs across the top of the page, Home, Movies, Photos, Extra Videos, Fun Stories, XXX Extras, and Daily Porn which is fresh movies on the pay per view circuit. there that is my favorite of all is the Fun Stories, there is plenty to get a chuckle out of plus the erotic stories here on the page. And there is a huge forum too for you to join and even post pictures on.

Extra Videos on the site which is another bonus for joining the site over 1000 of them for your entertainment. There are shops too for you to check out and buy some hot stuff for your own use! I am still in awe of these hot horny gals and the way they are using these huge rubber dildos on their tight wet holes. I even found a few pierced clits in the bunch. This site truly takes you to a fantasy level in real life with all exclusive and definitely interesting for a big cock fetish. This site is truly amazing with it's up close vagina shots that are so close you see right up that slippery when wet flesh tunnel!

Come by and check out the site and what it has to offer, it is competitively priced and isn't a deal breaker, These crazy horny chicks are waiting for you to check out their rides and of course the updates once a week!


In conclusion; Huge Rubber Dicks is an easy to cruise, exclusive site that is entertaining and loaded with bonuses that is, if you get through this site! It is loaded with huge didoes, and tiny holes that appear to be an impossible task but these ladies do it! DRM free and photo files in zips for downloading, plenty of content to check out. This site deserves a shot in your favorite folder. My one complaint, watermarks!

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