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Review: November 30, 2016

The upskirt fetish can be a tricky one to cover well; the true fetishists prefer upskirt shots to be really genuine, and that's not always the case with upskirt sites. I'm happy to report that Hunter Upskirts delivers the real deal. This is a pretty narrow softcore focus, but the reality is true to the genre and fans of this kink should like what's here. I'd like to see a better user interface, but the one here doesn't get in the way of a good time.

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Overall rating7.6

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Hunter appears to be the work of a singular guy who refers to himself as the "voyeur hunter." His target? Comely women in public wearing short skirts. Once he sees one, he zeroes in with his hidden camera and records the upskirt goodies. I like the bona fide nature of the content, the quality of the babes, and the way the shots are done. The site layout won't win any awards, but it gets the job done decently enough.

The first thing that's apparent is that this is real. Many upskirt sites use posed models or obvious setups in their upskirt content. Most fans of this kink like their upskirt shots, or "uppies" as they're called in the fetish commmunity, to be "real" women in public, and for them to actually be peeped on without their knowledge. The thrill and appeal in this is that the viewer gets to see something that they shouldn't be seeing, and Hunter Upskirts delivers on that in spades.

The typical scene here doesn't last long; maybe a few minutes. The hunter will show his short-skirted target from a slight distance in a public setting like a mall, grocery store, or the like. When the opportunity presents itself, he'll creep in and voila! Camera shot up the skirt. Scenes usually include a description to help determine how much you might like it.

The site's navigation system is pretty basic. That also means easy to use, so that's good. However, there's not much in the way of sorting, so you have to browse all the scenes to find what you want to watch. It didn't hinder my enjoyment, but slows things down a little.

Video quality is typical of pro-am. With this kind of content, high definition and crispness isn't expected, but I like what's here and I think it's pretty crisp for what it is, maxing out at 720p.

Amount of content: 156 scenes
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Video types: Flash
Photo resolution: 1280x720 pixels
Available for mobile: Yes


From the comments that the voyeur hunter makes on his site, it's obvious that is a labor of love for him. He manages to find some severely hot girls in his outings, and does a great job of delivering on realistic upskirt videos and photos. That realism is the main draw here. I can't say the site's layout is anything to get excited about it, but no matter; it works well enough. For fans of this kink, the exclusive content here is tough to beat.

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