Janet Mason Review

Review: October 28, 2008, by Gabrio
Janet Mason

I wanted to know some more things about this girl, Janet Mason so I browsed the tour of this website and I started reading the "about me" page, so I have found out that she runs her website with her husband which is her photographer, she has 3 kids and she is always up for a good hard cock for having some fun with (her words), so I guess that we found yet another hot milf website guys! Let's see what she has in the members area for her.


Overall rating7.8

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When you logon to the main page of JanetMason.com you are going to find a pretty clean page with blue design and a big menu located to the left. On such menu we have the following links: members home, what's new, about me, blog, faq, video faq, photos, videos, web cam, wife watch, artwork, store, testimonials, video reviews, mailing list, e-mail, casting call, travels, support and webmasters.

I clicked the links from the bottom and the first useful one was travels, and on that page you can see where she is going to be next, it looks like that in this period - travel notices are updated by the way - she is going to be in LA for some Private Foot Worship Sessions. Next I clicked casting call and on that page you can read that she is currently seeking male fans age 18-39 to join her for video clip and or photo shoots in LA, so this is a good chance if you area true Janet fan and you want to fuck her on camera and then see the content on this very website!

Then you have the email where you can write her although you have to follow some guidelines she gives you there....we'll skip some sections now for checking out some more juicy sections, I arrived to Wife Watch, on that page you can read that with your subscription you can, as a bonus, get free access to Wife Watch, an excellent monthly online magazine complete with photos, message boards, advice columns, stories and other features related to the swinging, voyeur and "wife watching" scene.

In the web cam page then you can check out her live cam schedule if you want to see her in real action just for you, make sure to logon at the right time. Now the videos page... you have a good amount of text which tells you what's going on in the last update, along with some links - then you have a button that takes you to the video archive and you have links for the latest video, in both .wmv and .mov. The list of video updates is very good.As for the photos, the setup is the same with latest update first and then you have the photo archive; quality is fine and no .zip files.


Janet Mason is a website of an amateur, milf of course, that loves to swing, in fact she does not have any problems having sex with her members either! So I would say that this is more than a good reason for joining her website, and I am not kidding, if you want to find out more info about that, and if you live in the LA area, you can really do it. In the extras you have also her own blog where she posts her photos from adventures around the world.

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