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Review: August 28, 2013

JapBox.com is a brand new adult site that has a very simple direction to it and that very sexy direction is to have a good collection of uncensored Asian videos. Its a no fuss, simple, easy looking site that doesn't bother with pictures, live shows, or any of that stuff. They have a decent collection of non-exclusive streaming videos and the best part about it is that you will find some hard to find Japanese videos and also that they are all completely uncensored.

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Overall rating7.2

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Jap Box.com is brand new to the market. Generally, this means that there isn't a whole lot to see, that a lot of the site is in development, and/or updates are few and far between. Normally, that's the case, but, sometimes, you just get lucky and the site is already up and running like this one. We are good to go.

I love Asian girls, and, I especially love Japanese girls. To go even further, its an understatement to say that I also quite enjoy Japanese porn, but, sometimes, it's quite frustrating when all the good Japanese porn is censored. Under Japanese law, Japanese porn produced over there has to be censored, but, sometimes some stuff gets released without all that pesky mosaic censoring. This site has taken a good few handfuls of that uncensored material and put it up available to watch right here.

The tour looked promising. Its a no muss, no fuss kind of tour. They have videos, they are pretty long, and here's some screencaps of some of them. Cool, I'm fine with that, seems simple enough. Logging in is a little bit of a different story.

Its not bad, but its a little confusing. The homepage has 164 videos. All streamable in flash. I was expecting more until I clicked on "Japanese" on the top, which had another 183 videos. Then on "Archive" it had 523 videos there. Then there's the "Tube" section where its been designed as a tube site.

Personally, I'm not much for the tube site design, but the Home area was my favourite. As for the quality, its not bad. Video quality varies from video to vide but its plenty watchable. Don't expect true HD quality, but its good enough to get your rocks off.

There's options (depending on the page you're on) for mp4 downloads, but it just loads the streaming again, so no downloads even though it looks like it. Kind of a bummer, but, at least the action is really uncensored. There's also American produced Asian content in the mix and stuff from Studios such as Third World Media.

Amount of content: 807 videos
Update frequency: Daily
Exclusive content: No
Max video resolution: Varies
Video types: flash
Available for mobile: No


Jap Box is a little bit confusing when you log in, but there's still some great content in the mix. Everything is 100% uncensored, and there's some solid Japanese porn to be found. Though Japanese porn is famous for bukkake and gokkun content, there is only one bukkake scene to be found. If you don't like bukkake and gokkun, you won't miss it, but, to me, it seems so much more authentic when available.

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